Posted by: chlost | January 14, 2010

The Weather

Here where I live, the weather is a legitimate, and frequent topic  of conversation.  It changes often, and it makes life miserable or enjoyable-mostly miserable at this time of year.  The past few weeks have been brutally cold, with temperatures below zero to just a few degrees above zero.  The past day or so have now zoomed up to the freezing point, with little sun, and melting snow with slush and dirt.  Still, we feel uplifted by the “warmer” days. 

My mantra of the past several weeks- “Why am I living here?”  When I ask the question of others, often people will answer “Because this is where my family lives.”  I have told my children very clearly-“If you are living here because we, your parents, are living here, DON’T.  We will move with you to whatever warmer or sunnier place you wish to live.”  So far, they are still here.  So are we.

My oldest son lived in southern California for several years.  He stayed there for a short time after graduating from college there.  Then he moved back here, bought a house, and has no plans to move back to California.  I don’t understand this.  Many of the people that he knew in California have moved to northern or eastern areas of the country.  Why? 

Life seems to present many challenges.  It would seem to me that fighting the weather or the bugs (which are horrible here when the weather does get beautiful) is just one challenge that, if possible, one should avoid.

I just can’t decide where to go or how to support myself when I get there.  Where do you want to go, kids?


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