Posted by: chlost | January 20, 2010


The best part of my life  is that my two granddaughters are living with us.  Our son and his wife are waiting for his job promotion and to find out where he will be working before heading out to l ive on their own. They moved back here about a year and a half ago from Santa Fe.  It is a gift to see our young granddaughters growing up on a daily basis. 

It works fairly well.  So far, I don’t think that there have been any big issues, although I am sure that they have had some annoyances, as have we.  Overall, though, it has worked because we are all pretty easy going in our lifestyles.

Our granddaughters are nearly 3, and 9 months old.  They are smart, they are beautiful, and they are fun.  the  older one is now talking in sentences that we can usually understand.  She has been talking in sentences for some time now, although in a language we had not yet deciphered.  She is very patient with us, repeating herself many times to be sure that we understand what she is saying.  There are still many words that we don’t understand-but this is really our fault, not hers!  She counts, has known her colors and alphabet for many months now.  She doesn’t go to preschool, but is getting close to reading some simple words.  She absolutely loves books.  She loves owls.  She has a couple of stuffed owls, owl posters, lamp, pajamas, shirts, dresses, books and tapes of owl calls.  It all started when she would look at the bird identification book that was sitting in the living room.  The page of owls was her favorite.  She knows the difference between a barred owl and great horned owl call.  Do you?  I didn’t, but I do now.

The younger grandchild is just starting to crawl, pulls herself up to furniture and looks as though she may start walking long before her older sister.  She is very serious, watching people and things with great concentration.  Then she will burst out into a big smile, a huge laugh, and giggle uncontrollably if someone looks at her with a smile.  Then she goes back to her serious side. 

When we raised our three children, I was either working full time while going to law school (at the same time, you understand) or “just” working full time as an attorney.  My husband also worked full time-he had at least an hour’s commute as well (for a few years, he had a one and a half hour commute). It is all a blur to me.  I got through the days, the months, and then the years flew by.  All three of our children are wonderful.  They are all successful.  But we missed the sitting back and just watching them grow.  I loved raising them.  Now I am enjoying every minute that I spend with my granddaughters living here.


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