Posted by: chlost | January 28, 2010

The Day

This was a busy day.  I started out early, this was a work day for me.  No lunch, except on the road, had a meeting all afternoon with very difficult and emotional people.  Then, dinner in the car waiting for my husband to meet up with me to go to a meeting that lasted all evening.  It felt as though I never had a moment  to spare.  I am not used to this any more.  Recently, I have had the luxury of scheduling my days so that I have much more flexibility.  I never saw my granddaughters today except to say goodbye as I left in the morning. I really missed them!  My husband and I didn’t really get to talk, as we were on our way and then involved with the meeting.  In many ways, even though I was around people all day, it was a very lonely day.

I have been spending way too much time on the computer lately.  I have started this blog, and have begun to look at a lot of other blogs.  I enjoy doing that, but then nothing else gets done.  I have to get some work completed tomorrow!  I have also been trying to figure out some of the basics of the blog world.  I feel very out of my league, but I haven’t told anyone in my family that I have started the blog, and don’t want to do so.  I can’t ask them questions if I don’t tell them about the blog.  So, I have been exploring the “blogosphere” on my own.  I still am trying to figure things out (like how to connect my wordpress blog to leave comments on the other blog sites?) It will take a while.  In the meantime, I waste away the days on the computer.

After my day today, that actually sounds like a better use of a day than it did yesterday.  At least I would be at home wasting my time than on the road wasting the day.


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