Posted by: chlost | February 3, 2010

A few random thoughts

Just thinking about a few different things today. 

I was replaying the caucus experience on the telephone with my son last night.  When I walked down that long hallway several times, and listened a bit as I passed each room, I had this corny feeling of watching democracy working at the grassroots level.  It is the same feeling that I get when I see the flag being raised, or passing by in a parade.  The same feeling I get when I vote. I am a real sucker for the corny stuff.  But I love it.

Do you ever tell someone who you voted for? I don’t.  It drives my family crazy, especially my kids.  I tell them that the privacy of the voting booth is the core of democracy. So, now I found out that the political parties are able to get lists of people who voted for their candidate.  Then, of course, you are on their lists for calls, and literature through the campaigns.  How do they get that information?  Are our votes really private?  I want to find out.  I will post what I find out on this blog.

I watched my granddaughter play in the snow with her daddy today.  She hasn’t really been able to play outside very much this winter, as it has been so cold.  Today it was finally relatively warm (20F).  She had a ball.  I laughed to see her all bundled up in jacket, snowpants, hat, mittens, boots.  Then, just as she was going out the door, her mama asked her if she wanted a scarf.  “yes!” she said-so a scarf was added.  Even with all of that, she walked all over the yard with her daddy, making fresh tracks in the snow, and rolled down the hill in the snow.  I remember having a good time in the snow, then coming indoors afterward, all cold in the face, feet, and hands.  Usually the rest of me was almost too warm. I think that many kids miss out on playing outside.  With safety issues and parents not being around much, it is hard to get them out, and the video games and internet only make it harder.  It is a very valuable experience.

I remember the thrill of making the very first tracks in the snow.  it was like being an explorer in a new land.  No one had been there before me.  We often see animal tracks in the snow now.  It is fun to see who/what has come through our yard when we are not looking.

Just a few thoughts………..


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