Posted by: chlost | February 3, 2010

I am tired tonight…….

Tonight was the precinct caucus for our political party.  I ended up in charge, even though I was not in charge through anything official.  It turns out that you are in charge if there is no one else available. 

I was the only one who got the maps of the precinct, wrote out the signs, brought the tape to hang the signs, and assigned the rooms for the caucuses.  Only because no one else did.  So, this is my lesson learned-if you want power, you take it!

We met in a school building. The rooms where we met were down a long hallway.  I walked more tonight going from room to room down that hallway than I have walked in months.  I am exhausted. 

We didn’t have many people at the caucus.  It is cold here.  It is not an exciting election year.  The only people who come to caucuses on an off year are the true diehards.  I guess I am one of the true diehards now.

My husband and I decided to become active in politics in order to meet people.  We live in a district which is very strongly supportive of the other political party.  We thought that we might meet people who have similar ideas who we could talk to about those ideas.  We have.  We thought that we might be able to be active and have some input into the political process.  We have.  We are now the co-managers of a reelection campaign for a state senator. It is going to be a lot of work.  We are looking forward to it, and hope to meet more people.

The future is made by those who show up.  Never is that more true than in politics, and never more so than at caucuses on an off-election year.  But it can wear you out!  I am going to bed now.


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