Posted by: chlost | February 6, 2010

Thoughts of time

It is now February! I can’t believe that.  I am still in the fall of 2009.  The past several months have gone by very quickly.  It feels as though the days drag by as the months fly by. How does that work?

It makes me think of time in general.  I have a real issue with time.  I know that Einstein came up with a great theory about time.  It still fascinates me. I don’t really think that Albert got the whole picture.

I saw a movie a few years ago called “What The @*(& Do  We Know?”.  I was both fascinated and disturbed by it.  It dealt, at least in part, with the idea of a parallel universe, where time is measured differently than we measure it here.  A few years later, I read a book, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”.  If you think that seeing the movie was just as good as reading the book, you are very mistaken.  The concept of time and traveling in time was dealt with in an amazing way.  The male character traveled back and forth in time, and rarely coordinated in time with his wife.  It was very difficult to follow some of the timing of the encounters between the characters, but I loved the book.

Is is possible that what we humans think of as “heaven” or an “afterlife” is really just a parallel time?  I wonder this when I hear the religious teachings of almost every denomination.  Perhaps a concept so difficult to grasp has to described in terms of heave in order for us to have any chance of understanding it.  A parallel universe, at least to me, seems a more plausible explanation for continuing our lives in another form than the explanation of heaven-pearly gates notwithstanding.

I am not sure why these thoughts have been on my mind the past few weeks. It is the middle of winter, it is gray, it has been snowing-a lot-and I have had time to think.  I’ve been thinking of family members who have died.  Where are they?  My father has been in my dreams recently.  Directly and indirectly.  He died four years ago, and I had no dreams about him until about 6 months ago.  Is he watching over me?  Can he contact me in some way?  I wonder.

When I think about these things too much, I have to stop.  There is no real answer.  I am no Albert Einstein.  I will never figure it out.  I am certainly not religious.   In some ways, a black and white answer would be nice (and SO easy!)

What the heck is time?  And why do I have so much of it in February, and so little in June?


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