Posted by: chlost | February 8, 2010

Politics and Football

Well, the phone calls have begun!

My husband and I are pretty involved in our local unit of our preferred political party.  We attended our caucuses last Tuesday evening.  Apparently, this makes us targets for every candidate’s calling machine.

This Saturday, there is a local convention for the party.  This is the first step toward an endorsement of a candidate for higher office.  Right now, there are many,many candidates vying for these offices.  We are now prime targets in the quest for them to gather support.

Tonight, we received 6 phone calls from various candidates.  Now, you have to understand that these are all candidates of the party we support.  The differences between these candidates is not great.  They are all supporting many of the same policies. The only question, in my mind, is who can win the general election? 

We have only recently become involved.  Now, we are apparently one of only a few who have remained involved over the past two years.  So now, we have POWER! 

There will be only a few people who will be making the choice as to who will be the endorsed candidate.  We will be one of those few.  It is very depressing to think that no one else is really interested.  So, we will do what we can.

As apparently everyone else did, my husband watched the Superbowl last night.  I did not.  I do not understand the crazy uproar over a football game between two teams that I don’t follow.  It seems that this year’s game broke the all time record for audience numbers.  It beat out the final episode of MASH from over 20 years ago.  Of course, the fact that over half of the east coast was buried in snow must have helped those numbers. 

But really-that many people watching a football GAME?  It is a game, people.  It is not important to the survival of the world.  I suppose it helped the players, the owners, the advertisers, and even the city of Miami, but overall, it meant nothing.  In 10 years, will anyone other than diehard fans even remember the game? 

We are so shallow……………we can’t seriously discuss a societal issue such as homelessness, but millions of people rally around a television set to watch rich athletes move a weird-shaped ball back and forth on a fake grass field?  If there is a God, she is laughing at us-or crying.


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