Posted by: chlost | February 11, 2010

Long-time friends

Tonight, I had dinner with long-time friends (certainly not OLD!).  I have known them since 8th grade, they have known each since grade school.  We are all different.  One is a special education teacher, single, never married.  She would still like to find a prince charming, but is losing hope.  One is a children’s education coordinator for a very conservative church.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree part time, and graduated at age 50.  She is married, and has 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  The third is an owner and manager of a real estate management company.  She did not go to school after high school.  Her husband was her high school sweetheart, they got married right after graduation, and because he was in the service, they lived on the east coast for several years.  They had two children; her son is married, and has one child.  Her daughter committed suicide at age 28 by shooting herself in a shed on my friend’s property.  We are all the same age.  The married ones have all been married over 30 years and are still married to the same man. 

Our conversations are lively and full of laughs.  We catch up on gossip, discuss the family situations each is facing.  We talk about health and parents, kids and grandkids.  The teacher was the wild one of all of us while in high school.  She deals with kids who are wild sometimes as well.  Most recently, we’ve been talking about retirement, and what we want to do for the next part of our lives. 

We get together every couple of months.  We usually meet in a restaurant.  A few times we have met at one of our homes.  I can’t fully explain it, but we feel younger and happier when we are together.  I leave with a little halo of good feelings around me after being with them. Good friends.  Long-time friends.  Wonderful.


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