Posted by: chlost | February 26, 2010

First steps

We all have to take those first steps toward a goal in order to make any progress.  I’ll admit that I have been very slow in taking any steps forward for quite some time.  I have now begun to take a small step.  I have registered to attend a “book club club” meeting with several locally known authors.  I am not part of a book club, but there is an opportunity for small group meetings with authors as part of this meeting.  The main speaker is a local author whose books I have read and thoroughly enjoyed.  I talked a friend into going along to the meeting.  I am truly looking forward to attending it this weekend.

I have also found a writing class that I want to attend.  It begins in April and is once a week in April.  That is going to help me get on track.  My husband is rather surprisingly supportive of this-he didn’t even ask how much it cost.  That would normally be his first question.

So, the small steps are in process.  Forward progress.  It feels good.


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