Posted by: chlost | February 27, 2010

Nothing much

I really don’t have much on my mind right now.  I still feel the urge to write.  So, what do I write about?  I guess this just shows how desperate I have become to write………….

My husband and I spent the morning at a local political convention for our party.  Not many people there, so we were volunteered for the board while we were out of the room.  That was our mistake. 

We are campaign managers for the reelection of a local politician.  However, it seems that we are not in the “loop”.  Things are going on and we have no idea what has happened.  I hate having to deal with this type of thing.  Do you confront people, act like it is no big deal and take power back somehow, or just let it go on?  I did not sign on for that kind of stuff.

In the afternoon, we just took it easy.  I am still in a funk.  Don’t feel like doing much at all.  I talked on the phone to family members.  I think that we are all trying to keep in touch to be sure that everyone is doing okay.  I have booked a flight to go back to see my mom and my brother-in-law (is he still my brother-in-law?  I don’t know these things….) to see how they are doing, and to help out in whatever needs doing.  My nephew is struggling-his counselor has increased their sessions. I see a crisis looming.

The day was warmer than it has been in some time, but that is relative.  It is still cold enough that the snow was not melting much.  Having the sun out made it pleasant.

My family has not known about this blog.  No one has.  I did show my sister the posting about sisters while we were preparing for the memorial service for our sister.  So, I guess that she knows about it now.  I don’t know that she will read it.  I don’t know that she would know how to find it.  My husband just walked in to ask me a question, and he looked at the screen as I am writing this.  He didn’t ask, but I know that he was trying to figure out what I am doing.  He is not particularly computer savvy and wouldn’t know how to find a blog, but would want to read it to know if I was saying stuff about him.  Do you remember the song from the 70’s “You’re so vain”?  The line “I’ll bet you think this song is about you” comes to mind.  It took me a long time to figure out what she meant by that.  I understand now.

My daughter-in-law and my daughter both have blogs.  I don’t think that either of them knows that I have started this one, but I would guess that my daughter in law might suspect.  I am not sure that she would read it.  Most of the blogs that I read-I’ve been sampling a lot lately-appear to be aimed at family and friends.  So, whom do I write this for?  I don’t have a picture of anyone as I write.  But if feels as though I am writing for someone.  I am pretty careful about my spelling and grammar, and try to write concisely and with some sense-even though it just flows.  I don’t edit too much…maybe that is painfully obvious if anyone does read it.  But it is primarily for myself.  I have reread some of my posts, and it is almost like reading someone else’s blog.  I have forgotten some of the things I’ve written. 

Well, for having nothing to write, this has become a long post.  Maybe next time I will actually have something I want to say!



  1. I’m here and reading. Found you yesterday. Started at the beginning. Much of what you say and feel is like reading back issues of my own journal. You give me things to think about. You let me know that how I feel does not make me different. Blogs work because we can be who we are with no pretenses.
    Thank you for sharing, you.

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