Posted by: chlost | March 3, 2010

Long days

The past few days have been busy, and I have been up early and to bed late.  I haven’t done this for quite a while.  I am not as flexible with my schedule as I was when I was younger.

The kids have moved out to their own place.  It is a top floor of a house, a duplex in the city.  A nice neighborhood as city neighborhoods go, but not much yard, and on a fairly busy street.  I know that they need to move forward with their lives, and this will be good.  I worry about them and the granddaughters, hope things will go well.

The move itself was a nightmare.  The night before, the baby had a trip to the ER for croup.  It took 3 hours in the middle of the night.  They were panicked and tired and crazy.  She still was not improved in the morning, so a trip to the clinic first thing in the morning.  The rental trailer fell off of the hitch before my son even got on to the main road-thankfully!-he had to find someone to help him get it reattached.  Then they realized that neither of them know how to back up a trailer down the very long, narrow drive to our home.  It got stuck in the snow and mud several times before they finally decided to give up and trade up to a truck.  By then it was afternoon.  I had to go to work, so wasn’t able to watch the little ones.  They tried to load the truck by themselves while watching a sick baby who didn’t want to take a nap and was quite fussy.  They have lived here a year and a half.  Stuff is everywhere.  The truck, pick up and car were finally loaded to take into the city around 8 pm.  As we were driving the hour-long  trip into the city, my daughter in law realized that a part of the nebulizer needed for the baby had been left behind after washing it.  So she had to return to the house.  We met at the new place, unloaded, set up beds, and left them with a mess and a sick baby around 10pm.They came out again yesterday to load up more in the truck, take it in and unload it, then return here to bring the truck back, and load the car with more stuff.  The girls had not slept much, had been off schedule for two days, they were exhausted and cranky.  Later that day, my husband got a call at work, asking him to pick up a plunger for them and drop it off on the way home.  That can’t be good.  I haven’t talked to my daughter in law today, except to hear that they had started organizing and to hear sick baby, tired toddler, and exasperated spouses.  I hope that it goes quickly.  Being disorganized is very difficult, especially for and with children. 

Our house is very quiet and empty.

Had a big project to work on yesterday and today for my job.  It is almost finished.  It should have been done earlier, but had to wait for necessary information and was on a very tight time line.  If I get reprimanded for it, I feel as though I did what I could with the information and time I had available.  I don’t like feeling that something was not on time.

I am trying to keep busy.  Have had lunch with friends.  Have scheduled to work in an “expo” booth for our candidate on Saturday.  Will be going to the book club thing on Sunday.  I signed up and paid for the writing course.  My sister and I have booked flights to go back to see my brother-in-law and my mother the following weekend.

There is lots of work that needs to be done, I just need to get the energy and wherewithal to dig into it.  It probably won’t take a long time to finish if I just start it, but have no desire to get going.  I procrastinate.

I got very little sleep last night working on this project.  I was up early this morning and have been going all day.  I am exhausted.  It has been a long couple of days.  I hope I can sleep tonight.


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