Posted by: chlost | March 4, 2010

Good news to share

Well, life is showing its unpredictability once more.  As you can see, I had a very bad time of it today.  My earlier posting was not a happy one.

Now, just a few hours later, our family has good news.  My husband’s niece became engaged tonight.  It is the first of his brother’s children to do so.  She is 27 this year, he is a few years older.  We haven”t met him, but have heard about him, and have seen pictures of them together.  It truly is good news.

We needed that.  Life does, indeed, go on. 

I know in my head that my loss and the sadness that I feel is irrelvant to the rest of the world.  I am so small and my feelings, losses and, for that matter, happy moments are nothing to anyone that is not close to me.  But to me it has been large.  Overwhelming in fact.  So, I guess that the fact that the rest of the world goes on, oblivious to me and my situation can be a good thing.  Others who are close to me will be sharing their good news, and it eventually becomes my good news as well.  It offsets in some way the bad stuff. 

I have never studied it, but somewhere I recall hearing the saying that karma balances out.  If there is something bad, there will be something good. 

I don’t know that our niece’s engagement balances out the loss of my sister, but it does go on the positive side of the scale.  Maybe someday the scale will tip the other way, with the good side heavier than the bad.

It is nice to feel good about something for someone I care about.


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