Posted by: chlost | March 7, 2010

Interesting stuff

Well, I did it.  I went to the book meeting even though I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about going.  I would have felt guilty, I guess, if I hadn’t gone.  After all, signing up for this was the first step I’d taken after my sister’s death.  I couldn’t abandon my new direction for my life at the first step.

I was early.  I am rarely early for anything.  I was told by my friend that I needed to be there by 2:00 to hear the author I like speak to the group.  The informational sheet had warned of limited parking.  I didn’t want to walk several blocks, and I was coming from quite a distance.  So, I allowed myself a lot of time to be there.  Way too much time.  The author didn’t speak until 4:00.  One of the women who was volunteering for the program mentioned that I should win an award “for being there the longest” as I had been one of the first attendees to arrive.

Have you been to a party where you didn’t know anyone?  That is what it was like.  I did know one person-one of the hosts-whom I did speak to, very briefly.  He really didn’t remember me, as I know him only through our children, who are now adults.  Other than that, I smiled at several people, made a few comments to others, and did a lot of people watching. There was some good people watching.

Did you know that Indian rugs are used as ponchos now?  I didn’t.  I saw two women who were wearing rectangular, fringed Indian print fabric with a slit cut into the middle where their heads protruded.  I laughed to myself when I saw the first  “Whoa!- that’s weird!” went through my head.  Then I saw the second, and my thought was “Oh, no! It’s fashionable??”

Much of the afternoon involved “speed chatting” with local authors.  I sat in on three groups.  All very different authors, all very interesting.  It was nice to hear them talk informally, answering questions.  They really aren’t that different from me.  I can do this! Writing is not impossible.

As I was writing this, my husband came up behind me and began to read what I am writing.  My stomach started twisting and my head began to hum. I really don’t want him to read this.  Why?  It feels so private, but it is going out on the internet.  It makes no sense.  Will I feel the same way about something that I write for a class?  Will I be okay with sharing it?  Or is it just my husband whom I don’t want to read what I write?  It really isn’t fair, he tries to be supportive.  I can’t even explain why I don’t like him to read things.  I am going to have to think that over a little more to figure out my feelings.

Overall, it was an interesting afternoon.  Now I have to write a fundraising letter for my candidate.  That is even harder than this.



  1. I’m so proud of you for going to the meeting! I’m making a lot of changes in my life right now, and so can appreciate how hard it was for you.
    As to not wanting your husband to read this. Out to the internet is safe, you’ll probably never meet any of us who read. No matter how much your husband loves you, and you him, he just isn’t as safe as we faceless internet people.

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