Posted by: chlost | March 20, 2010

She’s home

Our daughter is home this week.  I know, she is nearly 27 years old-where ever she is living is now her home, not here.  But, to us, it is wonderful to have her here, and it feels like we have her at home.

Her boyfriend has come along, as well.  This is actually the third time that we have met him.  They are both graduate students, and will be graduating (with different degrees from different programs) this June.  Then they will most likely be off on their new adventures in life-working!

Our daughter has worked for several years, and then went back to school for her Master’s degree. She has a way of landing on her feet.  She finds good jobs, generally in her field, and works very hard at them.  She loves to take on a new adventure every few years.  Now it appears that the new adventure will have her living on the west coast with her boyfriend as they become established in their careers.  We haven’t heard the word marriage yet, but either it or its equivalent is obviously their plan. 

It is so nice to have them here.  We haven’t had much time with her for several years now, as she has been living on the west coast for over 2 years, and did some long-term traveling and working before that.  She has the heart for adventure and change.  We don’t.  I will admit to being jealous.  We joke about moving closer to them, or going on an exciting trip together.  I don’t know that she realizes how seriously I would like to do that.  The boyfriend’s sister will be working overseas in a very prestigious job in an exotic country.  I seriously would love to travel to that place-knowing someone there would make it do-able.  I would go in a minute.  As I think I have said before, I am really yearning for a long trip to someplace I have not been.

I have been having strong emotions at different times of my day, missing my sister.  We have been talking a lot about things that we did, things that she did for us, and places that we’d gone together.  My daughter was close to her, so we have a lot of things that come up in our conversations that begin with “Kathleen and I……..”  or “Kathleen always……..”  It has really hit me.  My brother-in-law has called to talk to me on the phone quite frequently.  I  know that he really needs to talk to someone.  I have spoken with him more in the last month than the entire 25 years that I’ve known him.  We are getting to know each other a bit better. 

We went to Home Depot today and got a gallon of paint for my daughter’s old bedroom.  This was the room where our granddaughter lived when she was here.  I want to make it into a guest room, but one that can be special for a little girl, too.  Then when she visits us, it will be something that she loves.  My husband and I weren’t able to agree on a paint color.  I was thinking of a blue and yellow color scheme.  I have loved that in a room where I stayed in the past.  Our daughter came up with a sherbet orange color-and my husband actually agreed with it!  I was shocked.  So-sherbet orange it will be.  I am not exactly sure what colors for accessories will work with that, but our daughter is home-she can help me find them!

If my mother feels half what I do when I come to see her, I will definitely try to visit her more often.


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