Posted by: chlost | March 21, 2010

A great day

Today, my husband and I drove with our daughter and her boyfriend for a sightseeing trip of sorts.  We were showing the boyfriend some of the best of the scenery in the state.  It was about a 500 mile round trip, and took us all day. 

The weather was sunny, in the upper 40’s to 50F.  Not warm, but relatively pleasant.  We were able to get out and walk some trails, climb some rocks, take numerous photos.  We had a good lunch, and a great dinner.  I want more of this……

Tomorrow, I plan to paint a room.  We will be having our granddaughters here, and I want to have the room set up for them.  Our oldest granddaughter will remember that the room was hers when she lived here.  She is nearly 3, but I know that it would be disconcerting for her to see it nearly empty as it is now.  So, I plan to paint, set up a different bed, shop for some accessories, and make it look like a guest room as well as a fun room for little girls.  What colors coordinate with sherbet orange?  I am not a color expert, nor a decorating guru.  It could turn out a disaster.  We’ll see.

The politics of the day have me at turns happy, relieved, angry and cynical.  The incident I posted about last night still has me very angry.  The vote in the House has me happy.  I am trying not to be cynical about the Senate, but that is very difficult.  It just needs to get done!  Now, another truly rude, inappropriate and stupid incident while Stupak was speaking.  I am no fan of Stupak, but he didn’t deserve to be called a “baby killer” by a colleague when he worked out a compromise on the bill.  What is with these people?  They act like animals.  I am so disgusted and tired of it. 

But, we are enjoying our daughter’s visit, getting to know her boyfriend, and,overall, it has been a great day!


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