Posted by: chlost | March 28, 2010

A sunny day

Today it feels like spring.  I almost believe that spring could be here.  We have not had any snow and March is nearly done.  There is usually at least one big snowstorm in March.  Today it is sunny.  I am not complaining. 

It is still brown.  I want green.  I crave green, and flowers.  I can only hope that we are within just a few weeks of green.

Will the spring weather distract the haters who have been dominating the news?  I wonder if they may realize that the world is not waiting for them and they need to put down the signs, shut their mouths and go home to enjoy the absolute wonders of our natural world.  Of course, many of them do not believe in global climate change, so perhaps they do not feel the pressure of dwindling opportunities to enjoy this as others may.  But still, in the Norman Rockwell (actually, I enjoy his paintings, too) view of America that they espouse, shouldn’t they be home sitting on the porch or walking on a flower-lined path to church or something?

It is palm Sunday today in the Christian religion.  I know this because as a child, my sisters and I  loved carrying the palms down the aisle of the church.  It made the countdown to Easter and all of its candy more exciting.

I keep wondering if the teabaggers ( who seem to be the majority of the hateful crowds) have left their families and homes and jobs to get in the face of the politicians they hate.  Perhaps they believe that their hate trumps their responsibility to their family.  Perhaps they don’t have jobs.  Perhaps they don’t have homes.  I can understand being angry about that.  I still don’t understand their hatred of people who are genuinely trying to change their situation.  They may disagree with the methods, but what happened to their mantra of “hate the sin but love the sinner??  I know-logic and anger don’t often coexist.  Sigh………..I will never understand.


It is sunny.  It is supposed to be warm.  I plan to enjoy my little place on this earth today.



  1. I don’t understand them either. I do think they are dangerous because they are so easily led to ill-advised behavior and believe that if they continue this behavior, there will be blood shed.

    I want Spring, too!!!!

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