Posted by: chlost | March 29, 2010

Vacation dreams

Well, we are starting a fresh week.  I am hopeful that the antics of all those involved in the events of last week are off for the Easter/Passover break as I have heard it called.  We are, after all, a Judeo-Christian nation!!  Don’t get that-but that is for another day.  Most people I know just call it spring break.  Much more descriptive.

I feel like crap.  I have a cold that is in my chest-I sound like a diesel engine when I breathe, and my cough is even worse.  I hope that this passes quickly.  My granddaughters had this; I realize how awful they must have felt, and I feel very bad for them.  At least I understand what is going on.  They are on the mend now.

My week is not a break.  I have several matters on my calendar, and I am not happy about it.  My job requires me to be double, triple and quadruple booked on a regular basis.  It gets old.  I am tired of fighting.  I am tired of fighting pointless battles for other people.  I guess that I am old.  I have been doing it for 20+ years.  How does anyone keep the intensity going for that long?  I want a different job. Does anyone have anything for me?

I am probably just feeling sorry for myself.  I may just be feeling this ongoing grief in a skewed way.  I don’t know exactly.  I am, in turn, pissed as hell, tired, frustrated and just plain cranky.  My poor husband.  He lives with me.

I need a vacation.  A real vacation.  A two-week, no calls, no messages, no work, no problems and in a wonderfully beautiful place vacation.  I think the Europeans have things right.  I hear, anyway, that the standard is that Europe takes the month of  August off.  At least the middle class.  I like that plan. I can’t ever see it happening here.  We, as Americans, view such a thing as too, well, European!  We can’t do that!

I have a trip planned in June to my daughter’s graduation.  That will be nice-but it is really not a vacation.  We will be sightseeing and moving around the entire 11 days.  Three days here, two days there.  In August, I am hosting a family reunion/80th birthday party for family.  I will try to take a week off of work, but it is not a vacation.  In September, I hope to get a trip scheduled to San Diego.  My husband and I want to check it out as a possible place to move.  I’ve never been there.  Maybe that will be more like a vacation.  Probably not.  My husband is not a sit in one place for a week kind of guy.  We will be sightseeing once again.  So, I guess the prospects are slim for a rejuvenating vacation any time in the foreseeable future.

I will continue to dream of my getaway.  If I can dream it, will it happen?



  1. I understand. I want a week with a beach with white sand, blue water with no obligation except to soak up the sun but it isn’t happening.

  2. We live in the rainy Pacific Northwest… so we like to escape to a sunny place in the winter, usually in late January or February, often Mexico or Hawaii. But this year, well, it didn’t happen and I must admit, I am in withdrawal. There is something to be said for a week in a tropical climate. I too am not one for sitting around doing nothing, but Cancun… well there is lots to do at a place like that. Travel is good for the soul.

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