Posted by: chlost | April 4, 2010

Family helps

This is the first holiday since my sister’s death in February.  Well, I guess unless you count her birthday and Valentine’s Day, which were the two days following her death. 

In any event, I was very worried about my mom.  She has spent all of the holidays with my sister and her family since my mom moved near them.  This could have been a very tough day.  It would be the first time back to the church where my sister sang and where the funeral service was held. 

My brother-in-law and nephew took my mom to church this morning.  They had a brunch, and then went with friends who were like family to my sister.  They had a dinner with lots of food, and good talk and laughs.

The friends treated my mom and brother-in-law and nephew like family.  The day with them made all of the difference for my mom, anyway.  I haven’t talked to my brother-in-law yet. My mom was almost giddy when I talked to her tonight.  She has suffered a stroke and has had some language problems.  But after her day, her speech was almost as it was before the stroke.  She talked so fast that she didn’t hit those stumbling blocks.

Here, our family was together.  It was a wonderful day. The food was great.  We did minimal work for the dinner-I wasn’t up to doing too much.  It was sunny and warm, the little girls were here, and the two little dogs had a great time playing together.  It sounds so mundane. 

These are the things of life.  It is a day like this that keeps me going through all of the hard days.  I hope that there are many more like this one.



  1. Glad you had a good holiday and that your mom did, too!!!! Sounds like you’re feeling better!

  2. There is nothing I could add… other than for me, each death of a friend or relative reminds me just how precious life is. Every day we are on this earth is a gift… even the bad one.

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