Posted by: chlost | April 8, 2010

Two nuts

Up until now, I have tried quite hard to keep any information in this blog  quite general so that it would be difficult to pinpoint where I am.  Until now, I say, because this rant will make it pretty clear where I live.

Michele Bachmann had Sarah Palin over to play.  There they were, two of the biggest nutcases of the Republican party, holding court over hundreds of screaming “fans”.  Un-frickin’-believable.

I have the quite dubious honor of being a resident of Michele Bachmann’s district.  This is a fact that is brought to my attention on a regular basis- “how could you guys elect that woman?”

First of all, let’s be quite clear—–I DID NOT VOTE FOR HER.  I actually tried to help her last opponent beat her.  I am definitely helping her current opponent beat her. 

To get back to the play date-

These two women were together on a stage, the cumulative IQ being only slightly more that the podium which shared the stage with them.  

Would it really be that difficult to find female Republican leaders who can hold an intelligent conversation?  Oh. that’s right…..that is too elitist of me.  The fact that so many middle-age middle Americans appear to be fascinated with these two is totally beyond my comprehension. 

My son’s friend worked for Ms. Bachmann’s office (the friend was a nice girl who my son probably might have dated  in high school-but they were not compatible  in their political views, although they remain friends).  She finally quit working there due to some of the craziness.  I still find two biographical items about her very disturbing-1)what law school could have graduated her, and 2) what county would have licensed her for foster care? Of  23 kids????  Serial fostering? 

My rant has no real point except its exasperation at the stupidity of the political world.  The fact that two such obviously crazy women could make it to the levels that these two have is the answer to the question of “What proof is there that life is not fair?”

I remember a man that I spoke to in the 1970’s about the women’s movement.  At the time, the ERA was being debated, and there had been some discussions about the possibility of a woman president.  We had some discussions about which party would have the first female presidential candidate.  This gentleman said to me “The Democrats will likely have the first female candidate, but the Republicans will have the first female President”.  I think he had it right-no pun intended.

I can only hope it is not one of these two.



  1. I’m out here on the “Left” coast, so I don’t know Michele Bachmann from Shinola… but the fact that Palin is still even a poster child for ANYTHING after QUITTING her post as governor!! It makes my f*#king jaw drop! It just confirms that the Republicans are all about image and no substance… but that people would willingly put the leader of the western world in the hands of a seat-of-the-pants dolt rather than having the best possible mind in the oval office… well, what is the point. The Chinese are poised to take over our place on the globe and Wall Street is more than happy to hold the door for them.

  2. Oh, Ms. Bachmann is the poster child for the teabaggers, a Glen Beck in a tiara (yes, she wore a tiara at a celebration party after her election, I believe), and is making the rounds of all of the talk shows. She is the one who held on to Bush for a kiss on national tv, she is a flat earther, doesn’t believe in evolution, a “tax attorney” who wants no taxes, a member of congress who has encouraged citizens not to return the census forms. She hid in the bushes (in skirt and heels) to take names and photos of marriage equality supporters, and has called President Obama anti-American. The list goes on and on………it is beyond embarrassing. And, she has done absolutely nothing for the district-refuses to meet with constituents, does not address local issues. She’s not my representative, that’s for sure…………

  3. I can’t agree with you more!!!! I have ranted and raved about Sarah since the first time I saw her. Michelle Bachmann equals her for idiocy. I want both of them gone.

    There’s an Alaskan blog called the Immoral Minority that is dedicated to digging up all the dirt on the Palins. Check it out!!!!!

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