Posted by: chlost | April 9, 2010

Friday rambling

I don’t know why I still look forward to Fridays.  For the most part, when you work from home, the work is there every day, and you tend to handle it no matter what day it may be.  But I am happy to see the weekend this week.

A friend whom I have not seen for quite some time has called out of the blue and she and her young daughter will be staying here over the weekend.  She has moved about 250 miles away, and we have lost touch for the most part.  It will be nice  to see them.  She is a single mom who is way to involved in the daughter’s life.  It is hard to watch sometimes.  When you are old and have raised your children, it is easy to see when someone is doing the parenting thing in a way that does not help the child.  But my opinion is not requested and not given.  The daughter is smart, nice, and beautiful.  What more could a parent want?  Perfection, apparently, and a very high standard of perfection at that.  I feel bad for her.

We are invited to dinner with new friends tonight.  I think it will be very enjoyable.  These are people we have met through our political involvement.  At least we know that any political discussions will be among those who agree for the most part.  We can be free with our opinions! That is a rarity when you live in an area where your political opinions are in the minority.

I am trying to be helpful to one of my sons without being too helpful (see above).  He and his girlfriend are having some struggles in their relationship.  I don’t know how this happened, but both of my sons have found young women who have had terribly difficult family of origin issues.  This beautiful, smart and wonderful young woman has very low self-esteem and has abandonment issues which really get in the way of their relationship.  I would like to get hold of her parents and shake them.  Now, because her father has abandoned her, she needs constant reassurance of my son’s commitment to her.  He loves acting, and apparently, one of the big issues for her is whether he will fall for an actress if they have a romantic story line.  Am I wrong to be mad at this woman’s parents for holding my son’s happiness hostage?  In any event, I have a fine line to walk, but have invited her an afternoon of lunch/shopping this weekend.  We have many birthdays in our family this month, so there are many gifts to buy-a good reason to take her out for a shopping event.  Even if I hate to shop.

Spring fever has really kicked in.  I am finally starting to feel better, so I want to get out.  Yard work awaits……On Friday I have great ambitions……on Sunday I will evaluate how that all worked out.



  1. It is so hard to watch your kids struggle through relationships.

    Yard work! I know it’s a little crazy to say so, but I love yard work.

  2. What a good mom you are to find such a tactful solution!!!

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