Posted by: chlost | April 11, 2010

Sunny day

What a beautiful sunny day we are enjoying today.  It is so nice that it is hard to think of anything bad to say about the world.  People are just a mere wisp of dust in the wind…..totally not worth my concern on a day like today.

Why does the weather make such a difference in my day?  It is true that in this area, a nice day is a rarity.  We could still have snow at this time of year, and have had snow at this point several times that I recall.  The rarity makes it all the more special.

My mother used to live in southern California.  She loved it there.  I visited her many times, and always enjoyed it.  My son went to college in California, on a campus that was as close to the beach as you could be without having the sand under your bunk bed.  He came to hate it and returned to the midwest soon after he finished college. The weather was almost always the same-sunny and warm.  My mom lived in an area that didn’t get particularly hot, as she was near the ocean and had breezes that kept the area pleasant even when other areas were uncomfortable hot.  I think I could live with that. 

When the weather is nearly always pleasant, does that mean that the people are almost always in a pleasant mood?  Does the enjoyment that nearly everyone here is experiencing here today extrapolate to everyone nearly every day in southern California? 

My husband and I are still seriously considering a move to a warmer climate within the next several years.  I would like answers to those questions before we make that decision.  My life is too short (who knows how long each of us will be here?) to fight the weather.  I want to enjoy it.  I don’t enjoy the winters here.  I don’t know if it would get old to see green grass and flowers if we didn’t have to suffer through the winter each year to see them again. 

I doubt it.

No matter that Poland is in shambles.  No matter that Tiger W oods’ transgressions appear to be forgiven in order to maintain the golfing industry.  No matter that the miners’ families are suffering in West  Virginia, and the killing is continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan. It doesn’t even faze me that I haven’t gotten my taxes done yet, and it is April 11th.

The sun is shining and it is 72 degrees F.  My world is good today.



  1. My taxes were filed in February and the refund has come and gone. It was a no-brainer. Yours probably nore difficult.

    • Not sure if it is more difficult. I do have someone else do it for me. I “only” have to get all of the information together. It is a daunting task, and one that I have just not felt up to undertaking. I am by nature a procrastinator.

  2. We have great weather in Oregon… but we try not to let it get out least more people move here. We have Indoctrinated our citizens to tell all you out-of-staters that it rains all the time here.

    • So that’s what it is… daughter has lived there for about 2 years now, and will be there at least 2 more. We are going to visit in June-we are considering joining all of you there. We’ll keep the secret-I promise!

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