Posted by: chlost | April 21, 2010

One year!

Today is my second granddaughter’s first birthday!  Oh my!

The past year has seen so many things, in our personal situation, as well as in the world.  In so many ways, it seems like just yesterday that she was born; in many more ways, it seems so long ago.  They have moved from our home to their own.  Our son has earned a promotion that gives his job a future.  They have a new dog.  The politics of the world have gone downhill, there have been several natural disasters, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in all corners of the world.  Healthcare reform which may benefit them in the future has finally been enacted.  The President of the United States who had only just begun his term when she was born, now has a full year and some months under his belt.

We watched her older sister while my son and daughter-in-law went to the hospital.  When we brought our older granddaughter in to see her new sister, we thought that she was prepared, and she seemed excited about the whole idea.  The birth had been a C-section, so my daughter-in-law was pretty much only able to sit up in bed that day after the birth.  There were several cousins, two aunts and her other grandma in the room, along with our son.

Our little “big sister” was overwhelmed by the entire situation.  Too many people, and a mama who could not pick her up.  She looked at the baby sister and checked out her toes, was satisfied, and then wanted to just sit with her mama. 

We can learn from that-the baby had her toes, so let’s just move on to the important stuff!!!

Our littler granddaughter is a pistol.  She is not quite walking on her feet yet, but has started going several steps at a time.  She walks on her knees, though, like someone trying to be a munchkin in a play.  She climbs anything she can find.  She knows what she wants and is determined to get it.  If not, she lets everyone know her opinion.  Some people call it a temper.  I call it a wonderfully determined and driven young lady.  That will be a strength as she gets older.She is also sweet and friendly, smiling almost all of the time

Her older sister and she have a good relationship now.  They play dress up together-the older sister dressing up the younger-and laugh at things together. 

It is amazing to me that a personality is so clear from such an early age.

So, to our little Gus- HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Gaa and Bop.



  1. I love having the grand kids visit… than after about two or three hours and they start getting whiney, I can hand them back to the parents and say “thanks for visiting” then mix up a Cosmo for me and my wife.

  2. My remaining sisters are both grandmothers a few times over now so I get to hear lots of Grandma stories! Enjoy hearing them, especially on days like today when I’m wore out from raising teenagers.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lil’ darlin’!!!!! I know you are enjoying her immensely!

  4. What a lovely tribute!

    The day of her birth sounds exactly like the day of my son’s birth–from the C-section to the grandparents watching the older sister…I had a moment of thinking I was reading my mother-in-law’s blog!

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