Posted by: chlost | April 25, 2010

Wet weekend

It was sunny and beautiful all week, and the week before that.  I admit that it was getting a little dry.  But did it have to be wet and cold ALL weekend? 

We had two family picnics scheduled for the weekend.  They had been planned for several months.  It has been such an early spring that everyone assumed that it would be a wonderful day of sun and food and fun.  But instead, it was cold, wet, and gray.  We still had the food and the fun, but it was indoors and a bit crowded.  These were two family birthday gatherings. 

It has been a tiring weekend-I am too old to be up at 7 have a busy  day, stay up until 1 am, back up and functional by 7 the next morning, and another full day.  Good thing I don’t do this often.

We have so much other stuff to get done around the house, that I guess that the guilt factor was reduced by the rain.  It’s not likely that any yard work would have been able to get done had I not been partying!  My husband had to work, so he couldn’t have done any yard work, either.  Next weekend will be chock full of weeds and mowing, and planting, filling the pond, and then maybe a couple of cold drinks.  If the weather cooperates, that is.

One nice thing about a busy few days like these is that I again have very little idea of what has been going on in the world.  Has the Pope been kicked out of the Vatican yet?  Any new terroristic attacks?  No?  good…….but I did hear a little about the tornadoes.   That sounds horrible. At least we had only rain and cold and a little wind.

Our weekend weather could have been a lot worse.



  1. Was rainy in Ohio, too!!! I just worked around here mostly.

  2. You asked: “ope been kicked out of the Vatican yet?” – No, actually the Catholic church is circling the wagons and going on the offensive. Someone should tell them the Dark Ages are over.

    • Too bad………guess that I can always hope…….

  3. We went to Tennessee last week to visit friends and came back through Alabama. I had thought we should go on to Mississippi on Saturday but there was a blogging friend coming from Holland so we went back home. If we had not we would have been on the path of the tornadoes. As it is we stayed up until 2:00 am listening to the weather forecast as they thought it might come through Georgia. I don’t like tornadoes, but what I really don’t like are those sirens when one is coming near – they sound just like the sirens in Paris during the war. I was a wee tot then, but I never forgot that sound.

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