Posted by: chlost | April 26, 2010

Applying myself

Just before writing this post, I finished up a job application for a position in Oregon.  I have been applying off and on for jobs that I see, but this is the first one in Oregon.  I am not expecting much from it, but as my husband and I keep telling each other, I can always turn it down if offered, but can’t accept it if I don’t apply.

The whole process of job applications is so different than it was back in my day.  Of course, I am really too old to be doing this.  I went through this whole process back when I was young and idealistic.  I’m sure not either of those descriptions now.  The whole process is a bit overwhelming now, and I always feel as though I am missing something.  Everything is done online.  I am getting better about that, but still would feel better with snail mail.  At least I would know that I put the application and resume in a mailbox.

We are still looking to relocate, but I am not convinced that either of us will be able to find jobs.  Neither of us is ready to retire, but I would like a less intense position than I have now.  My husband can take his retirement (such that it is) this upcoming February, so he is looking for a job that is more enjoyable, but in his same field.   Or not. 

With the economy still in such bad shape, the possibility of even finding jobs to apply for is small, let alone getting interviews or offers.  We are not optimistic. And we know that those who do not have jobs should maybe have the first shot at the few jobs that are open.  But, we will give it a try.

If anyone knows of good jobs, let me know!   I will put in an application…….even online.



  1. My husband has been hunting for a job for almost a year now. Four hours a day online with one to more applications a day. Age is a serious factor. Hugs…..

  2. I’m glad I don’t have to send out resume’s any more. I guess applicants now need a web site, FaceBook page, online resume shuffling app you access through your i-Phone. Makes us paper-and-ink generation feel like we are still in the typewriter age.

    Oregon is a great gig… one of only two states with NO sales tax. (We make it up in property and income taxes, though… so don’t get too excited). Still, recreation is plentiful, electricity and gas is cheap and I haven’t seen a cockroach in 20 years.

    I’ll cross my fingers for you.

  3. just wanted to say good luck to you!

  4. Good luck with the job search. Oregon sounds real good, of course I am biased…being from the there….but it is a great state. At least the Western third of the state…..I can do without Eastern Oregon…..

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