Posted by: chlost | April 29, 2010


There is so much to do.  I have started to feel completely overwhelmed by the “to-do list” that is getting longer and longer in my mind.  I am very behind with my work.  I have several projects that need to be done.  Each will take a lot of time.  Instead of that, as you can see, I am blogging. 

The days go by quickly.  When I am busy, it seems as though I am getting things done, but the list gets no shorter.  In fact, it seems that the list just continues to grow longer each day.

Now that spring seems to have arrived, all  of the outdoor chores are added to the list.  There was rain over the weekend, so nothing on that list could be accomplished.  I have been asked to handle an “expo” on behalf of the senator’s campaign on  Saturday morning, so any time that I would have had to make progress on the list has now disappeared.

In addition to all of those things that need to be done, I have been asked to make a major life decision within the next several days.  Nothing to do with my personal life.  But whatever decision I make, it could have a major impact on my personal life.  So, in my mind I have been listing the pros and the cons of each option of that decision.  It is a little hard to focus on other things when your mind is listing each side of an argument on an imaginary chalk board.  I think I know what my decision will be, but I don’t want to be too hasty. I will be meeting tomorrow with the person who has asked me to make this decision and hear his pitch.  Then I will figure out what I want to do.

But the piles of work, the barren flower beds, the growing weeds, the dirty dishes, the unreturned phone calls, the laundry and financial chores are weighing on me.  My inaction makes things worse, my indecision fosters my inaction, and the items on the list continue to increase.  It feels like the children’s song—“the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone……and it all comes tumbling down!”  Or something like that!

I think I need a vacation.   Too bad all of it would still be here when I return.



  1. Do you have a cat? I have always found that in times of great stress, picking up a purring cat, lovingly scratching it’s neck and back, holding it out in your loving arms, and then punting the furball across the room is a great way to relieve a little pressure….

  2. I’m eager to know more about this major life decision (job change?) and what you ended up doing.

    I’m so with you on the weeding already taking over the psyche; finally, today, I had a good round of attacking the dandelions and creeping grasses. But then I’ll have to do laundry, and all the weeds will be back.

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