Posted by: chlost | May 7, 2010

April flowers bring May…snow!!??

Yes, it is officially in the weather forecast that we are to receive snow here overnight.  “Just one or two inches”, we’ve heard.  Oh, as if that makes it so much better.  Today has been in the forties, raining, and miserable.  The flowers have bloomed for the most part within the past month.  The trees are two weeks ahead of normal, with full leaves already.  What does snow do to that?  Guess I will be able to tell you tomorrow.

I am glad that I was too lazy to plant flowers last weekend. 

Sometimes it does pay to procrastinate.  Not often, perhaps, but this time, definitely.

The news is as bad as the weather.  When I first heard about the proposed solution for the oil well disaster, my thought was “that sounds like something a 12 year-old would think up….put a box over the top??”  Now they have started to do it.  I am not convinced it will work, but I hope that something does.  We will never learn, I suppose.  It will be just months before the drilling companies try to convince us that this was an anomaly, and that it will not happen again.  And, suckers that we are, unwilling to make the hard changes in our lives to stop getting drunk on oil,  we will fall for it.  Until the next time.  And the time after that.  And again.  And over again.  It is beyond ridiculous.  It is criminal. 

The New York Times Square bombing suspect (yes, he IS just a suspect-I learned my lesson!) has had his life dissected by every news organization in the country.  They seem to feel that they can shed some reasoning into a totally unreasonable act.  There is no  way to understand this type of thing.  It can be anyone who could do it…..your neighbor, your relative, your former school teacher, the quietly unnoticed person you see in the grocery store.  I hate it that the news people try to sell us on the idea that there is a “type” of person we should be suspecting of this type of thing.  I personally don’t believe that this was part of some bigger terrorist group.  Those groups may want to claim that they could get something like that set up in NY, but I think it was just this guy.  A guy who really hadn’t thought things through all that well, but who tried to be a big shot in his world view.  I guess we will soon see.

The economy is on a razor’s edge.  To me, it looks as though it  could go either way.  The stock market/craps table is not looking too well right now.  Then there is the Euro.  Also not so hot.  I am a bit confused about what will happen in Greece.  I don’t understand what the options are for that country.  If the country defaults on its obligations, is it repossessed by the creditors?  If the population doesn’t like the austerity measures being forced on them, and they oust the current government, who will make the payments on the loans?  If the workers refuse to work, and the country is shut down totally, what happens then?  Can I put in a bid on one of the beautiful Greek Islands that I see in the travelogues?  Who do I pay?  Would that help the economy at all?  I wish I really had some big money, I might do that.

And, it is going to snow! On May 8th.  That is disgusting.  I need to move to someplace much warmer…..that would be like…..anywhere else, right?  Greece?

BTW-Happy 27th Birthday, ELo!   (my daughter).



  1. Snow! That’s just crazy. It was verging on sweltering here.

    I’m trying very hard not to think of the DOW and my retirement accounts.

  2. Snow in May? You must live in Minnesota. If it is any concilation, we are freezing to death down here. It was only 83 yesterday. Brrrrrrrr

    • Stop! You’re killin’ me! We ended up not seeing any on the ground, but there was snow in the air…….

  3. I’m so sorry about the snow. Yes too, I found writing class real work but truly worth it. And my blog is my memory. Without it I am a husk…with it I remember my world.

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