Posted by: chlost | May 9, 2010


Last night I had the opportunity to hear Rep. Barney Frank speak.  He spoke without notes or prompter for approximately 40 minutes.  That in itself was pretty amazing.  His theme was that by November, things will be looking quite a bit different , and the election will perhaps be much different from the current predictions. 

I hope so.

He is quite an amazing  man.  As I listened to him speak, I began to think of what he must have gone through to bring him to that podium.  Let’s see, gay man of the late 50’s or so (I’m guessing here-I haven’t looked up his age), an unusual speech pattern-just those two things could have kept him far away from politics.  Instead, he became a member of congress, the chair of a very powerful committee, and the leading liberal voice of the democratic party. It was very inspirational just to think about it. 

So many times we allow the labels put on us by society to define us, even to ourselves.  If he had done so, he might have worked in a factory or an office. I enjoyed his speech and just the fact that I had the chance to hear it.

This morning I read a blog that listed zodiac signs and the supposed descriptions for each.  I am a Virgo.  The description includes this statement, “Your purpose in life is to inspire others”.  How ironic to see that today.

Let’s be clear-I don’t live to inspire others.  In fact, I don’t think I could inspire others.  It is certainly not my purpose.  I’ve actually been thinking lately of how negative and cynical I have become and that I should be changing my attitude to become more positive in my outlook.  That is going to be very challenging for me. Lately, I haven’t felt so positive. Certainly not inspirational to anyone.

When I find something inspirational, it makes me want to be a better person, to push past limitations to obtain a goal that seemed unreachable.  A  person whom I find inspirational has persevered through hard circumstances, determined to move forward in the face of difficulties. 

Could I inspire others?  Is it even possible to be inspirational if you have set out to inspire others? I don’t think so.  It would lose the purity of the process to have gone into it with a goal of trying to be an inspiration. Further, I don’t believe that there are personality types who are, by definition, inspirational to others.  It is more a result of circumstance, not personality, even though some personalities may be more likely to be driven to succeed through difficult times..  I think that truly inspirational people take their challenges and instead of just plowing through them, they turn difficulties to their advantage.   

I’m not exactly sure why this theme has been rolling in my head today.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware of it until I started to write.  Bottom line, I guess, is that I appreciated being able to hear Congressman Frank, and I truly admire him for what he’s lived through in order to be there.



  1. I think anyone who recognizes a change is needed is inspiring. (In your case, having a more positive outlook). It’s not easy to change the staus quo and anyone who sets out to do that gives me the courage to believe I can do it to.

    So please, keep living life not trying to inspire and you’ll no doubt impact others!

  2. I am an admirer of Congressman Frank as well for all the reasons you mention.

    I think everyone should aspire to greatness, but not in a grand public sense, but in a personal way – being a source of inspiration to people who are close to us, who rely on us and who we care about. Any of us can change the lives of others around us, sometimes just by being there when needed. Sometimes only a simple touch or word is necessary, but it can make all the difference.

  3. Were you at the HHH dinner or did you hear Barney Frank somewhere else?
    I didn’t make it this year.
    It is pretty easy to be a little negative today, especially when you read that Tom Emmer the Republican candidate for Governor is leading in the polls.
    He is more conservative then Tim Pawlenty, our no new taxes Gov who has ignored this state for the last year while he travels the country seeking
    supporters for his possible run for President.

    The mess over at the capital leads me to feel a little
    cynical too.
    I hope people wake up before our state is bankrupt.

    • It was the HHH dinner. First time I’ve gone.

      Timmy no-no should be getting his pay docked for every day he’s been gone from the state for other stuff.

      Emmer is scary. He may have more trouble getting moderate Repubs to vote for him. He can’t make it through until the election without losing it somewhere along the way and show his true colors. Horner may take away more from him that MAK> We’ll see. I just want it all over with.

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