Posted by: chlost | May 12, 2010

Something positive

In looking at the things I write about here, I realize that most of them are negative.  There are rants about politics, complaints about aging, and grief notes.  So, I am determined to find something positive to write about today.

This might be harder than I thought.

Okay. Here goes.

The weekend is almost here, and we are supposed to have beautiful weather.  I hope to be able to get outside and get some flowers in the garden, and maybe even get a small vegetable garden started.  I love flowers, lots of them. I have a small pond in the back yard with a little fountain spray, and a bench near it.  We live in a wooded area on a river.  The birds have come back, my feeders are busy every day.  We haven’t seen deer in a few weeks, but I know that they are around.  If it is nice enough, we will try to get out to sit alongside, or even in, the river shallows, and relax.  That is a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Next week looks rather quiet for me at work, and my husband is starting to take some extra days off so that he won’t lose his vacation time.  We are hoping to do something at least one day that will be an enjoyable change of pace.  We may try to get to a state park, or maybe even a movie.  Even though we don’t have kids in the house any more, we need to work on spending quality time with each other.

In almost exactly a month, we will be traveling to Oregon.  This is a trip that I have  been looking forward to for several months.  I would like to get to the sea lion caves, Mt. Hood, and maybe Crater Lake.  It will make for a very busy time, as we also will be attending a graduation ceremony for our daughter and have other relatives to visit in Portland.  I may need to come home to recover from the vacation.  I am hearing that the weather may be unpredictable, but I think we could still enjoy most of those sights even in a drizzle.  It would be better, of course, if we had sunshine.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Hmmmm more positive things……….

My mom will be joining us at the graduation in June.  I am looking forward to seeing her, and I think that she really needs to get away.  We are hoping that a friend of hers from California will also join us.  My brother, who doesn’t do a lot of traveling (he is still single at 45 and doesn’t enjoy traveling alone, I guess)will also be there as the assistant for my mom.  It will be nice to have so many of us together for a trip.

Just a few years ago, we had 14 of us traveling together in Ireland, and 8 of us on side trips to England, France, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  We had a great time-exhausting, but a trip of a lifetime.  We are used to traveling in large groups.  We are tall and large people.  We make quite a sight when all of us come into a restaurant or tourist sight together!  It is funny to see people’s reaction.  Often, they look at us from the head down, looking to see if we are wearing high heels or something.  Nope. My brother-6’7″, my mom-6″2″, my son-6″4″, my daughter and I, both 6″, my husband-well, he is a shorty-about 5″9″.  Yup, shorter than me. That way, he has to look up at me… all of us!

Okay, that wasn’t so hard after all!



  1. Your trip to Europe sounds like it was a lot of fun. Made it to London and Paris, but never Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Perhaps one day…

    I’m by far the shortest in a family of tall people, probably what makes me such a pain in the rear to them all! LOL I may be short but I learned long ago to hold my own.

    Hard to be positive about politics these days…you’ll probably have to avoid that subject for awhile! (Don’t respond to this observation!)

    I love flowers as well, but don’t have any since I never have time to take care of them anymore. I used to have lots of gardens, as did my mom and sister. I still remember my mom on her last mother’s day showing me all the flowers she received that day. She was so happy. Great memory for me.

    Your place sounds very nice. The other day, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something land on our patio. I told my younger son I thought some large bird had landed and for him to take a look. He looked out and our patio was covered with ducks. They were even looking in through the patio doors! It was so funny to see them peeking in at us. My son and I make up conversations for them to have and had a good laugh. They didn’t hang around long but their brief visit brightened our day.

    My kids and I used to enjoy going to parks along the Rum River when we lived up your way, not that I know where you live, only the congressional district. It was beautiful going for bike rides together and looking for wild flowers. Life wasn’t quite so hectic then, with little kids rather than teenagers!

    • I love the picture of ducks on the patio. Our ducks stay in the river. Right now, there are several with babies floating behind them. The craziness of having teenagers so abruptly ends as they go off on their own. Sort of like dropping off the edge of a cliff. It sounds as though you have a great relationship.

  2. You are going to love visiting Oregon. I highly recommend visiting the Portland Japanese Garden if you have time. Crater Lake is fantastic but a long drive.

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