Posted by: chlost | May 15, 2010

I’ve had a couple beers

As I write this, please keep in mind that I’ve had a couple of beers beforehand.  I will try to be sure that everything makes sense at least at some level.

Tonight we grilled out and had dinner with my brother out on the deck.  What a beautiful afternoon and evening.  I spent most of the day planting flowers, both in pots and in a little garden. This was the first weekend to be able to do that.  Please recall that we had snow in the area just a week or so ago.  I am exhausted.  I still have a little bit of planting to finish, but most of it is done.  I am going all out this year, as last year I didn’t plant anything at all.  It felt awful to not have flowers around the yard for the summer.

We have lived in this house for 9 years now.  The time has gone by very quickly.  There is a lot of work that we should do on the house, as it is looking a bit tired and rough around the edges.  A lot of the work would cost a lot of money.  It doesn’t make sense right now to spend a lot of money on a house.  We haven’t seen a lot of foreclosures in our neighborhood, but there are some.   Some of the houses have been for sale numerous times, and still not sold.  Who knows what a house is worth these days? 

So, we are not doing a lot of big stuff, but a few little things, mostly for our enjoyment.  Like the flowers.  We’ve painted. We’ve planted a few trees-little ones.  We had to replace the shingles last summer.  But the deck will have to wait.  The driveway will have to deteriorate a bit more, and the big project that we wouldlove to do will not happen. 

Today, we enjoyed living here.  We are on a river, surrounded by wooded areas, with birds and wildlife in the area.  I kept hearing the wild turkeys today.  The rose=breasted grosbeaks are back, as are the hummingbirds.  I hope to attract some butterflies this year.

We had dinner and a couple of beers, talked, and watched the birds and the river.  Life is good today.



  1. I have had a few beers also….unless I read the post wrong, you cooked your brother on the grill and buried him in a flowerbed with some wildlife?……no….that can’t be right… were drinking wild turkey while cooking hummingbirds by the river??? No…that can’t be right either…..I really need to cut back on the beer…..

    • Love it!

      • me, too!

  2. A cold beer on a warm afternoon… what could be better!

  3. You deserve it!!!!

    AND you just set me of a mind to go get a brewski from the fridge!!!!


  4. Oh, shoot – I was hoping the beer was going to cause you to spill deliciously embarrassing secrets!

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