Posted by: chlost | May 19, 2010

Seven things

The Idiot Speaketh is a favorite blog that I visit.  He has recently assigned me (as well as a few other bloggers) the task of listing seven things you may not know about me.  Here’s the thing.  I have no big secrets.  I lead a very boring life.  I like it that way.  But, when I have received an assignment, I complete it.  So, here are seven things:

1. My favorite place in the entire world is Glacier National Park.  My husband’s family visited the park almost yearly when he was a kid, and we tried to take our kids there as often as possible as they were growing up.  It is a place that renews the soul.  I don’t do much hiking, I just sit on the veranda of the Many Glacier Hotel and read, people watch, or enjoy the mountain view.

2. I won the Betty Crocker ” Homemaker of Tomorrow” award in high school.  It was just a written test, and I have always done well on those. The girl who was always in 4-H and won sewing ribbons at the county fair was really pissed at me.

3. My husband is several inches shorter than me.  I swear that he has gotten shorter over the years. The wedding photographer made him stand on a hymnal for our photos to meet the ideal of a husband being at least as tall as his wife.

4. Even though I went to college in the 70’s, I never used any drugs, and still haven’t.  Had lots of friends who did.  I did some drinking (but really, not much).  I have never liked the feeling of being out of control.  What does that tell you about me?

5.  I was an extra in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.  I took my kids and we were extras in “Jingle All the Way”.  They had a blast-so did I.  It was a lot of waiting around, freezing our butts off, and getting pretty good money for the kids.  We even got up close to AHHNOLD.  All of our scenes were cut.

6. I love road trips.  If I could have my way, I would be on a trip right now.  I could just get in the car and drive.  My dad took our family on road trips where he wouldn’t stop to let us go to the bathroom. These trips were pretty much pre-Interstate system, and there were no rest areas.   We had an old coffee can in the back seat of the car.  If we were lucky, he would stop along the side of the road, open the front and back passenger doors, and we would squat on the can in the weeds between the car doors so that no one would see us. There were three girls in our family, we took turns. I still loved the trips, except for that.  My husband and I always stopped for our kids to potty, and they have always loved road trips, too.  We have taken many 20-30 hour straight through trips.  We could not afford to pay for a hotel room, and were always on a tight budget.  Now we take the luxury of stopping after about 8 hours, and stay in a hotel.  Sometimes, we even take a little side trip along the way, and are not just beelining it to a specific destination.  Still love the long trips, though.

7.  My dream job would be a travel writer.  I have been on two trips abroad.  I loved the planning of the trips, the trips themselves, and the coming home to share the trips through the photos.  I can’t imagine a better job than being paid to do those things.  I would love to see the world.  My husband is a bit queasy about the prospect of the more exotic places I’d like to see, but I think I will be able to convince my daughter to go with me.  She is a world traveler extraordinaire.

That’s seven.  Here’s #8……I hate to tell  things about myself.



  1. Travel writer would be totally cool. I envy people who have “jobs” that other people would probably do for free.

  2. Thanks for the post! I agree totally about road trips. We took the kid and drove to the Mall of America a few years back and had a blast. We tried to get off of the interstate as much as possible and used back roads and highways and got to see the “Real America”. I have never been to Glacier Natl Park, Yellowstone, or Mt. Rushmore….but they are all on my “to do list” before the kid graduates from High School. My wife is about 15 inches shorter than me. The Wedding Photographer had to go out of the Church and shoot from across the street to get our heads into the same photo…..:)

  3. I know a guy that freelanced as a travel writer. He he did it while taking his vacations from work. he eventually tossed the whole thing and started making stickers in Oregon

  4. Wow….that’s cool….being an “extra” in a movie with Arnold!

    I agree, a travel writer would be awesome!

  5. One of my best friends is a travel writer. I envy that.

    But I always find the lists interesting – it adds dimension to the writer.

  6. I’m too lazy to be a travel writer. When I was traveling around Europe in my younger days I preferred to find nice street cafes where I could sip wine, watch people and daydream.

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