Posted by: chlost | May 24, 2010

Hot stuff

Today is May 24th.  It is not yet summer.  I live in an area of the US where the summers come late and leave early, the winters are character-building, and the summers cool.  We rarely have more than a few days of 90 degree temperatures.

Today it reached 97 degrees F. The humidity was high, too.  We have barely turned off the furnace.  Just a few weeks ago, the heat was still on.  Today, we can barely breathe, and the sweat is running down…..nope, I won’t explain further.

I find it a bit worrisome.  If it is this hot this soon, what will it be like in August?  I am usually not too bothered by the heat, but this was a hard day.  Our AC cools the downstairs, but the upstairs, where the bedrooms are, is still sweltering.  I don’t know how I will sleep.  I am trying to convince my husband to sleep downstairs in the basement bedroom, where it is very cool, so that I have a chance to sleep.  If I have to share the bed with him tonight, neither one of us will sleep at all. And that is not in a good way.

As I am writing this, my arms are sticking to the table, my forehead is dripping wet, and my clothes are sticking to me.  I cannot believe that I am saying this, but wow, I am one hot woman!



  1. You must be in the middle of the country – I talked to someone from MN today and for once, it was hotter than where I live.
    Maybe the heat is just a fluke..if not, your husband will have to get used to the hot new you!

  2. I’ve been so sick these past few days I haven’t noticed the heat at all. My son told me it was 95+ outside while I was laying on the couch covered in blankets and shivering.

  3. I feel your pain. We made the mistake of buying a house with 15′ high ceilings throughout. Looks great, but a real bugger to cool. We have an upstairs guest room with a private bath that is like a turkish sauna for 9 months out of the year. I would much rather be cold than hot. To heck with your husband, if I were you, I would move to the basement and let him sweat upstairs…

  4. Clearly, you need to book a summer stay on Lake Superior! We’ve been in hoodies and socks here in our neighborhood while the rest of the city “suffers” in the 80s.

  5. I don’t take hot weather as well as i use to either ch. I much prefer the cooler temps any day. Since sleeping is a pretty big priority, I use the air conditioner in my bedroom if I’m the least bit uncomfortable. My upstairs is much warmer than downstairs too. I’m in Illinois, and we’re one of the spots that got hit with some pretty hot temps over the last few days…90’s. I love the 70’s, and can even take some 80’s…but when it hits 90 degrees….that’s it for me.

    If you’re still having trouble sleeping, I hope you can convince your hubby to move downstairs. If not…don’t stick to the table…stick to your guns and go downstairs and get your much needed sleep. Good Luck ch! ~Joy

    P.S. I’ve seen your comments on Kay’s site (Kay’s Thinking Cap) and thought I’d come visit. Glad I did. Take care…

    • I’m glad you did, too. Thanks!

  6. three words…Whole House Fan.

    that comming from the guy that lives in a place where it’s springtime all year long.

  7. It sounds unusual to have that amount of heat in your area. Here in the south it has been in the high 70s and just today went to the mid 80s. From now on it will get much warmer with a lot of humidity. Our house is like yours, cool downstairs and quite stuffy and hot upstairs. I can stand it if I have a fan on me, all the time, at night, or even in this room where I have the computer – just a little fan on the floor. Houses are not built well for that much heat. I went to Dubai years ago and saw some old houses with thick walls, hardly any windows and a type of fan at the top of the roof. There is gets super hot.

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