Posted by: chlost | May 27, 2010

Is that news?

I was listening to the news yesterday, and one of the top stories had to do with Willie Nelson.  Apparently he cut his hair. 

Now, I got my hair cut yesterday.  And, I guess that I must have felt it was blog-worthy, anyway, because I did a post on it.  But on the network news?  That is taking things way too far.  I am very tired of news which is not news at all, but commercialized “celebrity” gossip. 

I mentioned this to my husband.  His response was, “Well, I guess we should be thankful that the news was so slow that they felt this was newsworthy”.  Although that sounds good, I wonder how many true news stories were preempted to allow the celebrity news to be discussed.  I find it difficult to believe that there is no other news out there…..real news.

Everyone is getting disgusted of the oil leak news.  Every new report has something worse…..the people who were to supervise the rigs were taking jobs and gifts and trips from the oil companies; the mud may or may not be working; the oil has reached the loop (Who had ever heard of the loop current before all of this?  I guess that we al least learned something); the animals are washing up on shore, covered in oil; the oil company is not hiring the locals to try to contain the oil slicks that have taken away the fishing jobs;  etc, ad infinitum.

That still doesn’t make Willie Nelson’s pigtails-or lack thereof-national news.



  1. The news about the oil is devastating: I am getting to the point of turning it off it is so dreadful. And what a way to die: a slow, painful, death for all those animals. Truly appalling for all concerned and my feelings about the company are not printable.

  2. What I hate is when the local newscasts throw in a “preview” of tonights primetime programming on their network….disguised as a news story.

  3. I heard a rumor that we are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t know if it’s still going on as they seldom mention it in the news. Glad they were on top of the Willie Nelson story, though… keeping us informed of the important things.

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