Posted by: chlost | May 31, 2010

Now, we return to your regularly scheduled life

The holiday weekend is just about over.  I needed it.  It was very relaxing.  I did a lot of reading.  I finished  one book, started another.  I finished a writing project I’d been working on for some time now.  Our son and his girlfriend came out to spend the night.  We just sat and talked a lot. It was really nice to spend time with them.  We are still getting to know his girlfriend, even though they have been dating for nearly one and a half years now.  She is a bit like a wounded bird, and doesn’t open up very much.  She and I had a nice chat.

My husband went back to work today.  He worked the holiday, as his job requires someone to be there whether it is a holiday or not.  He should at least see a little extra pay for it.  He didn’t seem to mind.

Tomorrow, I get back to the normal routine as well.  I am so tired of my job that it is hard to feel good about that.  I am hopeful that because it is a short week, it will be relatively quiet.  Tomorrow will likely be very busy, though as it is always that way after a holiday weekend. 

Today, I did decide to sign up for another writing class. I realized that I enjoyed the first class, so I want to take another. I feel as though I am slowly coming back to life a little.  The first writing class helped with that (as has this blog). I am also taking a class with my son! This is a one-day seminar.  He seems to be looking forward to it, and has joked about becoming a mother-son writing team.  I don’t know of any others, so maybe we could be the first of its’ kind!  It is a class on writing a sitcom pilot.  He has wanted to do something like that for  quite a while, so I encouraged him to sign up, and we decided to do it together.  Should be interesting and fun. 

So, back to normal.  I think I need just a little more time.  I am going to go into the bedroom and do a little more reading before going to bed.



  1. Routine is good..
    It was a gorgeous weekend wasn’t it..

  2. Sounds like a really nice weekend…the kind I enjoy too; only I don’t seem to find time to read as much as I should since I work and play on this computer so much. Have a good week… ~Joy

  3. I’m back to work tonight. Nice to be out of the house again but I’m already quite beat. Beautiful weekend. Enjoyed being well enough to sit outside and watch the sunset Sunday night.

    Sounds like an interesting class. Have fun writing with your son!

  4. You sound really good …all but the work. When can you retire? Yes, that writing class I took turned me into a human…. 🙂 You will get doubly human. 🙂

  5. Good luck with the writing class. Have a great day!

  6. Great idea, the second writing class. I once took a music class with my teenage son: I was anxious that he might be embarrassed by me but he was fine about it. Since your son is clearly an adult and keen, I bet you both have a ball.

  7. I took an “effective writing” class one time. It was part of a course to learn how to write procedure manuals and such. Turns out it was indeed pretty “effective”.

  8. Hi,
    So glad that you came to visit me in Normandy, because it means I could return the favour.
    Come back again anytime you like, the door is always open and the kettle’s on for tea.
    a bientot

  9. Once, I had a mother/daughter team in a writing class, and it WAS particularly fun; they opened each other up and were supportive but real. I’m excited for you (both!).

  10. I think a team mother and son sounds real good – you should investigate it further.

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