Posted by: chlost | June 23, 2010

We’re back home again

We made it home.  It was a long day of traveling, but we’ve now recovered for the most part.  I am noticing that air travel is nearly as exhausting as the road travel that we have done most of our married life.  We had a 4 hour layover at the Seattle airport.  If I had trusted the traffic and our sense of time, we would have had enough time to see some sights.  I’ve been in Seattle several times, but have really only seen the major things-like the needle and the market.  An outing of just a few hours would not have allowed for much exploration.  So, we sat and read books while waiting for our flight.  Not too bad.

Our trip to Oregon was great.  We had 9 days, and saw a great deal of the state, or so it seemed.  Our daughter is in Eugene, and her outdoor graduation ceremony was wonderful.  It was sunny and fairly warm-it got hot sitting in the sun.  We also went to her boyfriend’s graduation ceremony which was indoors.  He received his PhD in math-the math department ceremony was funny and low-keyed, not anything as I expected it would be. 

We then traipsed across the state.  We saw (and smelled ) the sea lion caves on the coast, Newport with the harbor town-ate at Mo’s, a local institution I’m told-and explored a bit.  We then went further up the coast to Tillamook, where we smelled the cows and visited a cheese factory.  We also traveled over the mountains to the high desert area of Bend, visiting a beautiful state park, Smithrock.  We spent time in Portland as well, staying with relatives, who took us on the loop tour out to Mt. Hood (where there is still much snow and lots of skiing) and Hood River area with its orchards and roadside stands, down the Columbia River Gorge.  During our stay we also spent some time in Salem, a beautiful city, and saw many mountains, driving the mountain passes.  What a wide variety of ecosystems within just a few hundred miles!  We have many photos, which I may post if I figure out how to do that on this blog.

So, now that we are home, we have been thrown back into the daily life here.  While we were gone, a relative was hospitalized, job and housework piled up. Just checking emails was a big job!  Working on catching up with the blogging world. We saw virtually no news or newspapers while we were gone-I guess not much happened in the world overall.  I didn’t miss it. Laundry is next.

I love traveling.  I would return to Oregon in a minute, and hope to do so soon.  Anyone with job information for the state should feel free to contact me!!!



  1. Glad you had a great time!!!!!! I hate layovers, too!!!!

  2. I’m pleased your trip went well and that the ceremonies were so good! It sounds to have been a real cornucopia of sights, smells and impressions. I hope you feel rested emotionally and mentally. Good to see you back.

  3. You have brought tears to my homesick eyes! MO’s!!! I have been to MO’s a ton of times!! We eat there every time we get to the coast! Best Clam Chowder I have ever found! And Smith Rock State Park….The wife and I were just there three years ago! Hiked down to the river, took a ton of photos, had a great time! One of the most scenic places in the state! Did you check out the gorge on the nearby highway? Did you make it down to Bend and up to Lava Butte? Now, I wanna go home for a visit! Thanks for bringing up some great memories of home! Glad you enjoyed your trip! Have a good one!

  4. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time and hope one day you’ll find those jobs so you can make the big move. We lived in Tacoma almost 20 years ago and I sometimes wish I could move back that way again. Beautiful country.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your stay. When I was growing up in California I thought Oregon was a wasteland, trees and flapjacks. Now I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    Unemployment is high here, through. People lose their jobs and refuse to leave the state to work somewhere else… who can blame them!

  6. Sounds like you had a terrific time. Once you get the hang of the upload tools, it’s not too bad getting pictures into a blog. Welcome back!

  7. Welcome home…always a sign that you have a great time when you would go right back. Sorry you had a flight delay….I hate those. Good luck getting caught up now that you’re home. I don’t imagine that will take very long. Take care…. ~Joy

  8. I have deep affection for Oregon, too, and have been everywhere you mentioned–you took me back here to many summers of my younger years (through my mom, I have 29 relations in Oregon…’tho not really in touch with them now). Welcome back. I hope the laundry isn’t too tall a heap.

  9. We moved away from the west coast when I was pretty young, but I still want to visit the northeast part of it sometime. Honestly, I love any time at a coast.

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