Posted by: chlost | July 5, 2010


Today is a holiday, but my husband has been working the entire weekend.  We weren’t able to do much for the holiday or the weekend itself. I wish I could have gone out to see some fireworks.  I am finding it very difficult to have the energy to do much of anything today, even though there is much to do here. 

The “to-do” list is quite long, and gets longer each time I think of it.  I have done a couple of things, but they were relatively easy.  The hard stuff is still sitting there on the list, waiting its’ turn, knowing that we will get to it only when we can’t stall any longer by doing the easy things.  I mean, if you can choose between buying a set of sheets and painting the porch railing, which would you choose?  I chose the sheets.  Now I have to return them because they just don’t look right-I get to do an easy thing twice!

It is very satisfying to me to cross things off on a list.  I tend to actually accomplish something that way.  Otherwise, I make a list in my head, but never really get to the do part of the “to do”.

We are going to be hosting a family gathering in mid August.  As my husband works every other weekend, that means that there are just 3 weekends to accomplish everything before then.  We both tend to be from that Award-winning School of Procrastination-” U (You) Can Always Do it Later”. On a list of twenty chores, maybe ten will get done.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I can sit at the computer and act like I am at least doing something.   Some of the chores involve looking for things online.

My family has what we call a “Nuts Tournament” every couple of years.  My cousin has hosted the past few, but it is my turn this year.  We have a card game that we call “Nuts” which is a family tradition. We play the game any time we are all together.  It can be played by children and adults-the kids especially enjoy playing (and winning) against the adults. It is like double solitaire for as many people as can fit around a table.  There is a pile of 11 cards in addition to four piles of cards laid out like solitaire for each person or team.  All of the aces go into the middle, to be played on by everyone.  The 11 cards must be played out as they come up, when that pile is gone, you go out-“nuts!”.  It gets quite wild with everyone playing the center aces, and trying to get rid of their 11 cards.  We have a great time. I think that all of us look forward to seeing  each other as well as playing the game.   There is a traveling trophy, currently in the hands of my nephew in Chicago.

This year, we are combining the weekend with a birthday party for my mother’s 80th.  As these are all relatives from my father’s side of the family, and my parents were divorced for many years before my father’s death, it is an interesting family mix.  My uncle will also be turning 74 in August, so we will also be celebrating his birthday. 

But I digress.  I have a list to attend to.  Gotta look for some stuff online.



  1. I like the Nuts game, sounds interesting.

    Dealing with procrastination is a bother. I do a lot of remodeling projects but have made it a hard and fast rule to always FINISH one project before attempting the next. I see so many people with a bunch of half-completed projects – it makes one discouraged and none of them get done. It takes effort, but I am able to finish “most” projects before tackling the next one.

  2. I try to always put some fast. simple things on my to do list – that way I can cross them off and get the momentum going.

  3. Procrastination is my middle name! Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow? I love that saying! My wife is a big list person. She tries to give me lists of chores to do, but not only do I not get all them done, I usually always lose the list…

  4. I have always been a list maker too, but now a days it is so I won’t forget to do something 🙂
    We also spent a quiet 4th at home for the first time in over 30 years.
    We usually spend it in St.Peter with friends and relatives.
    But it was too hot and muggy to go anywhere that wasn’t air conditioned.

  5. My “gottado” list is never-ending, too. “Check blogs”, “Blog posts” and “dishes” are permanent fixtures on mine.

  6. I’m the same way with lists…I love crossing things off as I finish them. I guess it’s the sense of accomplishment when I get it done…especially if I’m in a procrastinating mood. I’m always making lists…I write down everything imaginable, just so I don’t forget anything. Cripes!

  7. That game sounds like the Dutch Blitz we used to play, which did indeed become quite wild.

    I hate shopping so I would probably paint the porch rail first. My older son was our shopper. I am going to miss not being able to send him grocery shopping once he’s off to college.

    I also like to make lists and sometimes I actually do cross things off of them! This week my list had five items on it and I did two of them so I think that’s pretty good! Of course two of them I didn’t do involve money so that’s not so great I suppose.

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