Posted by: chlost | July 27, 2010

Lessons from blogging

It has now been just 6 months since I started this blog. In January, I had decided that I wanted to do more writing. I thought that a blog would be a good place to sort out my thoughts and memorialize events in my life. In my mind it would be a diary of sorts, online but anonymous.  I would tell no one about it, as then I would not need to monitor my entries.

Over this time, I have learned a few things about and from blogging.

One of the biggest surprises was to realize how much I have come to rely on it. I enjoy posting things on this site, and often say to myself “This is something I should blog about.” I don’t have a very exciting life, so sometimes it has been hard to come up with a subject. Many of the posts are rambling and boring. But so far, I have found enough for a few hundred posts.

I am also surprised to realize how much I enjoy meeting the other bloggers. I have read hundreds of entries on dozens of blogs. I enjoy almost all of them. I have commented on many blogs, and have established a “blog friendship” with several people, exchanging comments regularly. I truly feel as though I have gained several good friends over the past six months-even though I have never met these individuals, and likely never will. I truly feel my life has been enriched by these friendships.

Another thing that I have realized is that it is very difficult to maintain my anonymity. I have never really indicated where I live, but in discussing Michele Bachmann, it does point to a certain region. I have never specifically indicated my job, but many people have a fairly good idea of what I do for a living. I have hesitated to post photos, and only recently did so. I do not want my husband, children or grandchildren to be identifiable on the internet, or to have too much information about them (such as their names) included in my posts. That is hard to maintain when discussing things about them. I am a fanatic about privacy, and the internet scares the hell out of me.

It amazes me that there are so many people out there who are blogging, especially seniors. So much of our society ridicules seniors for not keeping up with technology. But there are an awful lot of seniors who are maintaining very sophisticated blogs and who definitely know  their way around the internet! I am still learning, and I know I have a lot to learn.

I think that there may be some family members who have figured out that I am keeping this blog. It doesn’t affect what I write, for the most part. I do worry sometimes that I could have offended someone and that they wouldn’t want to talk about it because they couldn’t admit that they know about the blog. I hope that hasn’t happened, but as another blog friend stated, “your family could be lurkers”.

Another very surprising part of blogging is the statistics. I never realized that blogs could be so thoroughly analyzed, or that I would become so fanatical about it. I love to see how many people have visited the blog. I feel bad if it seems that people weren’t drawn to the postings and the little graph starts to point downward. It amazes me to see how many people actually do read what I write. I am even more amazed to see that bloggers respond to my comments on their site.  I love it! 

In any event, I am very happy that I entered the blogging world. I would love to improve this blog (the layout still bothers me and I need to learn a lot more about the technological parts, but how do I ask questions of my technology gurus-my children-if I really don’t want them to know about the blog?) I enjoy the writing, even those subjects that may be boring. I am paying much more attention to my life.

I hope to continue with this for a long time-I hope you will stick with me even when it gets boring or depressing.

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Happy 6 month blog-anniversary. My blog is over one year old and I would have never believed how much fun it is. I enjoy reading blogs from many countries, on many subjects. I would never have been able to meet such a diverse group of people here where I live. I read so many blogs now that it is hard for me to post, even once a week. I hope you will blog for many years to come.

    • I agree. I love to read blogs from across the country and the world. I have become hooked on this, and anticipate many more blog posts in my future!

  2. I wish I was more technical..I have a techy son who helps me out..there are times I wish I had a private blog so I could vent more 🙂

    I do lean toward blogs of like-minded people 😀

    • I find that I have little tolerance for blogs of those who do not seem to think at least somewhat as I do on the important subjects. I get enough of that living in this area. The privacy is important, but I feel as though I value it more for my family’s sake than for mine. I don’t want them to be identifiable on the web.

  3. I’m glad you started blogging and I’m glad we met online because of your Bachman comment on another blog.

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the blogs I’ve come across through your blog. I’m still only a lurker on them, but maybe someday… With you it was easy to comment, sadly because of our sisters.

    I like reading about your life, even if you think it’s uninteresting. It’s the normal day in, day out, that makes it enjoyable to read, just another person figuring out how to make it through and find pleasure in the little things. It resonates.

    • Thank you! I am glad we have connected as well. It is hard not to comment on Bachmann daily, as she does provide so much material. But there is so much more to my life……..I wish I could figure this stuff out.

  4. I’m glad you started blogging too – happy six-month-versary! I’ve enjoyed reading your insightful posts and have appreciated your encouraging comments on my own blog.

    I completely agree with you about the internet. I do not post pictures of my family or use their names….and I try not to obsess over the fact that anyone could probably find this out if they cared to.

    Keep up the great blog posts!!

    • Thanks! It has been a very interesting six months. I love to connect with others who enjoy writing, and your blog is very interesting. The process can be frustrating, we all need a little commiseration and celebration in turn.

  5. I had abandoned my blog for a while then came back into it with a vengeance earlier this year. Now, when I am pulled away from blogging or reading other’s blogs, I feel as though I am getting “behind” and need to catch up. It is addictive.

    I thought I would stay anonymous as well, but I realized that I don’t ever proffer an opinion that I am ashamed to put my name on.

    • I never would have guessed how addictive this is for me. I have not thought of myself as being obsessive or having a particularly addictive personality. But I check the blog way too often, and I would rather read other blogs, post comments, or write my own posts than do so many of the other things I should be doing. My husband is a little jealous of my time on the computer, even though he doesn’t know about the blog (at least I don’t think he does!).

  6. Happy Six Month Blogaversary ch! This community is a warm and welcoming one, isn’t it? I have established some pretty wonderful relationships with my blogging buddies that are every bit as heartfelt and special as ones I have with my ‘in person’ friends. It’s hard to explain to people who don’t blog or read blogs just how rewarding and wonderful blogging is. I’ll be celebrating five years in August. I’m so glad you became a part of this beautiful community. Cheers! Hugs, Joy

    • Yes, it is a wonderful place to connect with people, even though you don’t meet in person. Five years! That is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations on that!

  7. Never boring or depressing, maybe a little sad from time to time, but so are we all.

    I echo every one else’s comments: I never expected to get what we are all finding from blogging: I feel as if I am letting people down when I don’t post but it can take up so much time.

    Much to my surprise I find that several family members have found my blog and that is making me self censor which I really did not want to do. Now I am much less inclined to speak really personally and I had hoped to be able to do that on my blog. I have to use comments on others’ sites, like yours, to speak more honestly than I feel I can on my own!! Conundrum.

  8. I went underground to avoid family and old boyfriends. I mention local things frequently but I have the blog exempted from search engines like google, so people who aren’t already at the blog can’t find it. I felt like I had to censor myself too much with family reading it, and I hated that. I feel freer now.

  9. Trouble is my husband has found it and reads it every day. If I do not post he reprimands me: another stick to be beaten with! And if I move he will try to find it. Or he will see me spending time on the computer and deduce that I am still blogging and demand to know why I have moved and where to. So for the time being, I will have to speak personally only in places like this where he is unlikely to follow not being very IT literate.

    • Why not have two blogs, one for his viewing and one not? Then you only have to feed his just enough to keep him clueless while you enjoy yourself elsewhere.

      • Excellent idea. But how to find the time? But I will keep it in mind, thank you Yael.

      • I hear you about the time. I once kept four blogs going at the same time but have since dropped down to just two. It was a joke with my online friends how I start and stop blogging, always moving around in an effort to remain very low profile.

  10. Thank you for blogging! Now…if you don’t mind…if you can shift over to the left about 6 inches or so…..the wordpress webcam is not catching all of your face as you read this……thanks! 🙂

  11. Happy Blogoversary!!!! I, for one, am delighted that you began this journey and even happier that you’re among the faithful at my place. It’s a joy to meet someone who, like me, is “always in the back row”! 🙂

    • Thank you-it is always nice to have someone to look in the eye!

  12. Happy to know blogging has brought you so much joy. I enjoyed your stories very much. Look forward to reading more…

    • Thank you for visiting! Hope you’ll stop by again.

  13. Your still not lined up in the center of the camera! Move that soda can a little to the left and have someone close that window behind you….it is causing glare on the camera! 🙂

    • Hmmm. What are you doing in front of YOUR computer?????

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