Posted by: chlost | July 30, 2010

Did I offend someone?

As part of my addiction to blogging, I visit several different blogs regularly. I often post comments to those blogs regarding the wonderful content of the posts that I have read. It is one of the best things about blogging-reading other people’s stuff and being part of a conversation of sorts.

The past couple of days, however, I have not been able to post comments on any blog which is administered through “Blogger”. None. As you in the blogging world may have noticed, there are many bloggers using Blogger.

At first I thought it was me. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I rewrote my comments, and tried again. Nope. Then, I tried posting the comment with a google id. Nope. I tried posting on a blog using word verification. Nope. I cleared all of the cookies on my computer, as recommended by a help site I checked. Still nope. There is no problem with other blogs. Those bloggers are still able to receive my insightful, witty comments. It is only the Blogger blogs which have been deprived (spared).

Now I am wondering if I have done something to insult the Blogger bigwigs. I know that one of my regular blogger friends was recently chastised by WordPress and lost access to his blog for a short time. Did I offend someone who has blocked me from all Blogger comments? No one has notified me of any problems. If I keep misspelling Blogger as Blooger (I have had to go back and correct my typing every time I used it in this post), will I offend them even more? What would happen to me then?

Or, perhaps I am all alone now, everyone else has gone on to a new system I don’t know about. I’m the one here who is NOT a techy. Any suggestions, anyone?  Anyone?



  1. I thought I commented yesterday. Hmmm . . .

    Then again, I get insecure if no one comments at my place. Come to think of it, you didn’t comment at my place.

    I’ve found that if I get busy and don’t get around to comment on others’ blogs , I get fewer comments which is why I try to get around to visit daily. Lately, I have done as well as I like but I posted both yesterday and today so we’ll see.

    • I was there, and tried to comment, but the site wouldn’t let me comment on your blog. My comment would have been “Complicated is just part of life. Take care of yourself!” There, I feel better now that I have been able to add that to your conversation!!

  2. How rude! I can’t imagine your comments being intentionally blocked.

    Must be a bug in their system? (That’s my solution for all things wacky when it comes to computers).

  3. I used to have blogs on blogger but moved to wordpress because of how blogger handles commenting. I agree with jannatwrites that it is probably a bug. If it wasn’t , it is now!

  4. I don’t have Blogger as my blog provider…I have TypePad; but I’m pretty sure it’s just another bug in the Blogger system, and believe me there seems to be quite a few from what people say. It’s frustrating and bothersome…but you’re innocent ch. ~Joy

  5. I’m sorry, Cholst, but our accounting department shows that your balance at “Please Ignorance” is delinquent. Please remit your full payment plus late charges and we will be happy to restore your commenting privileges.

    (*grins*… no I haven’t blocked you anyway, might be some kind of glitch. I know a bunch of comments on my blog just up and disappeared one day, no idea why.)

    • The check is in the mail…..

      I’m still waiting for them to get it straightened out. I already miss commenting-which means I probably have been doing it much too often!

  6. Blogger occasionally goes a little wacko and they fix it pretty quickly. I’ve had a similar problem with wordpress – I could never comment on wordpress blogs from work – somehow they were getting blocked – but could from home.

  7. Sarah Palin! I tell ya…it HAS TO BE Sarah Palin!

    Whenever the Internet Gremlins strike me down….I find it best, and very therapuetic to blame Caribou Barbie….. Give it a try! 🙂

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