Posted by: chlost | July 31, 2010

A little of this, a little of that….

After writing about my problems with posting comments on Blogger sites, I have been trying to find out more through the Blogger website. First of all, I found that the Blogger website is pretty useless as far as getting much help with issues. If any of you using that service are offended by that, I apologize, but I was not impressed. The one thing that I did learn, is that there have been problems with comments on Blogger sites for quite a while, over and over again.  This current problem has apparently been happening for several weeks. I don’t know why I haven’t had trouble until the last few days.  In any event. I looked at several blogger blogs,and all of the comments were from other blogger accounts.  The Blogger website has a note that they are aware of a problem, they are working on it, and they will let us know when they know more. That note is from a few weeks ago. Gotta love that wonderful technology!

My husband, brother-in-law and their 90 year-old aunt spent quite a bit of time this past week dealing with the death of the other aunt. This aunt, Jane, is a pistol.  You would never guess that she is 90. She could pass for 70. She is blunt, to the point, active, and funny. I love her. She married into the family and lived in the house with her inlaws for approximately 3 months. She hid her scotch bottle in the laundry basket in order to have a way to cope with all of the craziness. She worked as a physical therapist with polio patients. Her mother in law made her strip out of her clothes on the porch because they were scared of the polio she might bring home with her. After 3 months, she moved out, and told her husband that if he wanted to stay married to her, he knew where she was, and he was welcome to join her. He finally moved to the west coast to join her a few weeks later. The family never forgave her. He was the favored child in the family.

In any event, Jane really gave it to my bil several times while she was here. I posted a bit about him, and to recap, he is a jerk of award-winning proportions. It was amazing. Here she is, 90 years old, 5 ft 8 and maybe 110 lbs, letting him have it. She waved a dollar bill in front of his face and told him “Is this the only thing that you care about? What about people?” She also told him to stop being negative, to see if he could not say anything negative for a day ( he couldn’t even make it for a few minutes, and then each time he said something negative, he made a snarky comment such as “oh, that’s negative, isn’t it?).  He was quite perplexed. No one has ever treated him this way, and he just can’t understand why she doesn’t like him. He knows that I don’t like him, and he still hasn’t figured that out,either. But I think he kind of likes her and wanted her to side with him on issues in this estate. Oh, well, so much for that……I kept my mouth shut, but inside I was doing the Tiger Woods arm pump,  YESSSSSSSSS! As my kids have said, I want to be like her when I get old!

I dressed up in my pumpkin orange again and was at a very small town parade today. It is so interesting to see the small towns in our state. I never even knew this town existed. I checked google and the population is 199. The median income is substantially higher than the state median. The large crowd was clearly middle class, not like many of the other small towns I have visited for other parades. The parade clearly drew from a much larger area than the town itself.  It is intriguing.  I continue to hate being in parades,though.

My son and his girlfriend are separating today. She found a place to live on her own. He owns the place where they have been living, so there was no other option, really. I feel bad for them and what they are going through. Even though I agree that it is the right decision, it is hard to watch. My son’s voice has been so sad for the past month or two. I talked to the girlfriend last night on the phone, and she is overwhelmed by it all, too. I really like her, and feel bad for her. She has so many issues.  One good thing that has come from it for her is that her family is finally coming up to see her next weekend. Well, I hope that they are, anyway. They have said that they were coming to visit before and then didn’t. But that just shows why she has had many of the problems she’s had.

My granddaughter just called me to talk. I love that. She is three, and figured out the phone years ago…..scary. But it is so fun to get a call and hear  her voice when I answer. She just wanted to talk to me. I have a hard time understanding what she says, but she is pretty patient with me, and her mom helps out when it gets too hard.

The summer is nearly over. I have lots of guests arriving in 2 weeks. I have so much to get done. I just can’t seem to get at it. That’s why I am doing this………procrastination reigns!



  1. Good for Aunt Jane, wonderful. I love the feisty old women and hope to become one myself!

    Lovely to be rung by your grand daughter too: just to speak to you. Doesn’t that feel good?

    I was over with the teenage grand kids tonight because their parents are away for the weekend. The elder ones, nearly 18 and 14 spent two hours just wanting to talk about life, Univ. etc. and I felt so privileged that they actually wanted to hear my opinions too. I love being around the young, and the spirited elderly: come to think of it, I just love being around people with enthusiasm and a positive outlook! Hence, here I am at your blog again!!

    • Yes, this is my favorite thing to do with my children. We have very long political and philosophical converstations. We have always enjoyed this, and have done this since they were fairly young. Their friends are amazed by this. Our daughter in law loves it, too. My granddaughter’s voice on the phone is like music. “Hi, Ga!”
      I often don’t feel positive or enthusiastic, but I am glad that you keep visiting me!

  2. How lovely, talking is so important in families.

    You may not always feel positive or enthusiastic but you always make positive points on your blog you know, even when life is difficult and tiring. Sometimes I think how we feel inside is so different to how we come over to other people.

  3. I am able to get comments from non-Blogger blogs. But I don’t see any on my most recent post, so you’ll have to try and let me know if it doesn’t work!

    I’m sorry about your son and his girlfriend. I guess better to know before they marry.

    Just to let you know, I had to change my blog URL. This avatar links to the new site.

    • Nope, I still can’t get the comment to post. I get an error message. All of the comments that show on your site (at least the recent posts) only show Blogger comments from what I get. I am getting frustrated! But I appreciate getting the update on your new URL!

      • That bites. I hope they are trying to fix that. If you get a chance some time, would you try posting a comment using the anonymous option? I’m thinking that might be a temporary fix.

      • Yay! Anonymous it is- for a while, anyway. It worked. I am not sure if all of the blogs I visit accept anonymous comments, but I may try that for the foreseeable future. Thanks for a good idea.

  4. I feel your pain about Blogger as I have a Blogger blog and miss your comments.

    It’s annoying at best.

    Sounds like things are mostly going well for you. Hopefully, things will get better for your son, too.

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