Posted by: chlost | August 9, 2010

State Politics

I am working at the computer….but now taking a break. I’ve actually accomplished a few things today.

As I work, I am listening to a debate between the 3 DFL (Democrats to the rest of the world) candidates for the primary election tomorrow. This is a recording of the debate that was held last night for public radio.  My son was there, and had a question that was broadcast. So, I am listening, more to hear his question than for the debate itself.

Debates are somewhat fascinating for me.  I have met some of these candidates. I have heard the stump speeches. The questions are coming from the audience, and the answers are interesting on some issues. The fact that only one of the three candidates really seem to be answering the questions says more than the answers themselves. The dodging of straight answers makes me crazy, even though I know that they are following protocol and playing it safe. These are all DFL candidates, so they are more similar than different. And they are very respectful and kind to each other.

The audience clearly favors one of the candidates. That shows the level of organization of the campaigns, more than the true support of the general public. The focus between the candidates is on the subject of taxes, balancing the budget, and jobs.  Our state’s taxes are a very hot button issue in this state, with the deficit that threatens to bankrupt our state.

We have not had a Democratic governor for 20 years. We are the state of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone. Our current governor, Tim Pawlenty, made a pledge to not raise taxes, and has put our state in the worst financial condition it has seen. I hear that he wants to run for President. He has been out of state more than he’s been in the state. I cringe at the thought of a country run by such a person.

Tomorrow is our primary. I will vote. I am still not exactly sure who I will vote for, as I am not completely thrilled with any of the 3 Democratic candidates. I want to be sure that whoever is running will win.

Politics. So frustrating and so important.



  1. I admire your ability to stick to it… I find my eyes glazing over often during these competitions. In the end it seems like nothing changes anyway.

  2. Good luck voting ch…I’m a little burned-out from all the political hubbub. I try to take things in and get emotionally involved to a certain degree; but there are days when I just don’t even want to think about it. We’ve all been put through a wringer politically, and it’s been uncomfortable.

  3. I voted today, it was hard for me, I liked two of them.and had sent money to both.
    I didn’t know until I got in the booth which one I was going to vote for.
    I will not underestimate the Republican candidate like most are.
    He has been laying back, but I am guessing he has done his homework and has attack ad’s ready to go no matter which one wins.
    It is going to be a long couple months.

    • Yup, I agree on all points. I also had a hard time deciding, and didn’t know until I filled in the circle. I also think many are underestimating the election, and not necessarily the candidate, but the power of that party to get votes no matter who the candidate may be. I will be glad it’s over in Nov, but am making my get out of state plans in case it is bad news.

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