Posted by: chlost | August 10, 2010


This weekend, we will be hosting a family gathering for my cousins on my father’s side of the family. The cousins will likely be here just on Saturday. The rest of the family will be coming in and out of the house over the course of the next two weeks.  I tried to explain the schedule to a friend, and she was amazed at how calm I seemed.  That is the key word, “seemed”.

Here is a brief rundown of what will be happening here:

Thurs-Mom, brother-in-law and nephew arrive from Virginia, husband’s cousin arrives from Oregon for totally unrelated visit to deal with Aunt Grace’s estate (at last word, she is staying at b-i-l’s the first several days but may be at our house after that, and husband must deal with his brother and cousin separately while guests are at our home);

Fri- Sister, niece and nephew arrive from Chicago;

Sat-cousins and their children, aunt and uncle arrive from locations throughout the state (they leave later that day), sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughters arrive (one son, d-i-l, granddaughters leave later that day);

Sun– mother’s friends arrive for 80th birthday party, d-i-l and granddaughters return here (all of them leave later that day) other son also leaves, sister’s S.O. arrives from Chicago;

Mon– (Mom’s actual 80th birthday) husband’s cousin may be coming to stay here,  b-i-l from Virginia, niece and nephew from Chicago leave for home -I have to work all day;

Tues- no one comes or goes as far as I know;

Wed-sister and S.O leave for a separate vacation together;

Thurs- daughter arrives from Oregon;

Fri-no one comes or goes as far as I know;

Sat– Mom and nephew from Virginia leave;

Sun-Wed- no one comes or goes as far as I know;

Thurs– daughter and husband’s cousin return to Oregon, and I have to work all day.  


Could anyone follow all of that?  I believe we will be installing a revolving door.

Our dog is going to be so confused.

I can only hope for good weather,  few mosquitoes, and a strong septic tank.



  1. whew is an understatement! hoping the family relations are happy. or at least tension free.

    • Luckily, this side of the family gets along great! I am sure we will have fun.

  2. Wow..I’m tired just reading this.

  3. And here I was stressing about my mother-in-law and her friend coming tomorrow. Nooooo problem…

    Good luck keeping everything straight!

  4. Wow! I am impressed! I would be right there with your dog, totally confused. Hope everyone has a great time and that septic system hangs in there!

    • I am slow in responding, but the dog is now a bit confused with the quiet. I think he was getting used to all of the attention.

  5. Crikey, I have nothing going on, compared to you.

    Breathlessly, I stop my own complaining here!

    • Just so that you don’t stop blogging about things over there!

  6. It’s like a train station.

    • It felt like the hotel across the street from the train station.

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