Posted by: chlost | August 26, 2010


Today and yesterday were the perfect summer days. Low humidity, sunny, just a slight breeze, temps in the mid to high 70s. Gotta love it.

Winter is coming.

I heard the first flock of geese flying overhead yesterday.

The mornings are so cool that we have had fog.

The flowers are getting to look a bit straggly and I am losing interest in keeping up with them.

The campaign signs are up along the roadsides and in yards.

Today was the last day with sunset after 8 pm. Officially, sunset was at 8:01.

The “Great Minnesota Get-Together” started today. To anyone not living in this state, that is what we call the state fair. We also carve princesses’ heads in large blocks of butter. Don’t ask.

The Minnesota Vikings have signed Brett Favre for another season. That’s football if you are not familiar with that.

The Minnesota Twins are losing. That’s baseball.

Labor Day weekend is next week.

School starts right after Labor Day.

Fall is the best season in Minnesota. It is just about here.

That is perfection.



  1. That’s my kind of weather too ch. I always look forward to the fall….as short as it may be…that’s really my PERFECT season. (I guess we think alike) Our temps here in the suburbs of Chicago have been a little cooler these past few days too….yea!

    Yep, they signed Brett again…he always keeps you hanging and wondering what’s going on. Even though he was always a huge rival of ours (The Chicago Bears), I always liked him. I don’t know when he’ll actually be able to give up playing.

    Then there’s the Bears…I’ve been a fan all my life; as painful as that can be. It’s kinda like being a Chicago Cubs fan…which I am too and have been all my life. If you follow baseball, you know how DREADFUL our season has been going. After this awful Cubs season, I’m actually looking forward to the Bears….I can only hope they don’t kill what’s left of my spirit.

    School has already started here…this week. My daughter, who teaches Special Ed for 1st and 2nd graders, is back in the swing of things and already had an “Open House” last night. Geesh, where did the summer go? ~Joy

    • I’m not a big sports fan, but I know a bit about it all. When the school buses start going by the house in the morning, I know we are close to the snow…….

  2. Like you, we’ve had flocks of geese flying over all week. Such a mournful sound: it always makes me want to follow them, as if there is somewhere important just over the horizon that I must get to.

  3. I bet it is beautiful in Minnesota in the fall. Here in Georgia it is still summer as everything is green and it is still in the 90s. We don’t get too much color unless we drive to the north Ga Mountains, we have mostly pine trees around here. I only drove through St Paul years ago. I’d love to visit Minnesota someday – maybe next year. This October we are going for a few days to New York – I hope there will be some nice fall colors then.

    • The fall here is sometimes very pretty, but it doesn’t last long. I think you would love visiting Minnesota again. If you do, I would love to show you some sights!

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