Posted by: chlost | August 28, 2010

It’s August, my computer is working and the crazies are out in force

I have finally figured out the computer issue.  Unbelievably simple, after all.  The clock was set for January 1, 2002. No wonder the security certificates showed up as invalid.  I swear this computer stuff is going to be the death of me.

I am proud of myself, though. I figured it out on my own. It only took a week, but I did it.

Thanks to the Skeptic. Kay, and the Idiot for great suggestions.  I now feel as though I have the most squeaky-clean hard drive in the world.  NOTHING can get me now….my computer is impervious to malware! 

I saw the blurb about the rally at the Lincoln Memorial today. What a crock. These people really don’t get it at all. They had nothing more to do on a Saturday in August than to rub their bigotry into the faces of those who have fought it for so long? The fact that it is August in DC with nothing else going on certainly meant that the media was ready to make hay of it, as well.  It makes me very sad and mad at the same time.

Let me just give my personal apology to anyone who is the target of this hatred. I am a middle-aged, middle-class, caucasian female raised as a Christian. They do not speak for me.



  1. They don’t speak for most. Goombahs.

  2. I’m glad you figured out what was wrong with your computer ch…that’s a load off isn’t it? And yes, these computers are going to be the death of us all….it’s a vicious plot. ~Joy

    • I’m hating computers more as I realize how dependent I have become on them.

  3. I’ve completely missed out on this rally story and am realizing I’m going to have to use online news sources more than I have!

    Great news that you solved the computer mystery. That stuff is crazymaking (maybe the rally attendees were mentally derailed by bad computers?)

    • It is more interesting, I think to know the news around you. The US news is, for the most part, simply of self-importance and has no real effect on the rest of the world. We are narcissistic. In fact, the world does not revolve around us. What is the news in Turkey?

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