Posted by: chlost | September 8, 2010

Am I the only sane person left in the world?

Either I am the only sane person, or I am the only crazy person. Well, maybe some of you might be sane crazy with me on this.

There is actually a person in this country-a minister, a Christian minister, no less-a person affiliated with a church which has the first word “Dove” (as in the symbol of peace, I assume)-who has scheduled a book burning for this Saturday. Not just any books, which would be bad enough, but a bonfire made of the holy book for millions of people throughout the world. Yes, this guy has called for a burning of the Q’uran on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at a church in some small town in Arkansas.Florida.

Just writing all of that down has made my head spin with anger, incredulousness, and frustration.

It is sick.

It is crazy.

It is beyond comprehension.

And yet, there will be people there with torches ready to light them up.

I do wonder, however, how many holy Q’urans are to be found in that corner of Arkansas. My guess would be that if anyone has them, they will not be donating them to this guy. I hope no one will sell any to him.

 “Let’s see some I.D., mister.  Nope, you are on the “too crazy to hold this holy book” list. No Q’uran for you!” We can limit access to cold medicines. Can’t we keep him from having the materials to cook up something much more dangerous than meth?

He has been warned that U.S. soldiers will be endangered by this little show of his. His response has been to “pray on it” and then go full steam ahead with the burning. Guess he values the lives of soldiers at about the same level as those who have different religious beliefs from his.

Apparently, he has not obtained a burning permit, which is required for this little extravaganza of his. The police and fire department expect to arrest him if he tries to go forward with it. The poor little town police department has to deal with that, as well as with all of the anticipated people who are expected to arrive in this little town to protest this outrageous act, or to support it-I think there may be more of the former than the latter.

The pastor’s most recent comment has been that the burning is “necessary”. It was a bit fuzzy about what it was necessary for.

The associate pastor is now carrying a handgun. There have been numerous death threats against the pastor.

Okay, now here is the craziest part of all. 


If this is sane, I will take insanity.

I give up.



  1. Um, I agree…it’s crazy. It’s an outrageous publicity stunt and he shouldn’t be getting press for it. If I went to that church, I wouldn’t be anymore!

    • I agree that it started as a publicity stunt, it worked, and now the world is watching. I think there are only about 50 members of the church-haven’t heard if any have left over this.

  2. I heard this on BBC World Service last night and could not believe my ears. Is this chap trying to bring on Armageddon and the Second Coming or something crazy. I must admit to feeling something like despair when I heard this: why are the mainstream churches not coming out in massive media opposition?

    I can just imagine the outcry if it was the Bible that was being burnt by some country in the East. Words fail me. Presumably the idea is to give as much hurt and offence as possible and then be able to turn round and blame protesters or retaliators for their ‘vile’ response.

    • Exactly! If you would not feel your actions would be appropriate if turned around against you, then they are not right. The old Golden Rule. But I truly believe this guy is sick. He is enjoying every minute of this outrage against him. He now is claiming to have worked out an agreement to keep the NY mosque from being built. I think that claim has been denied, the last news that I heard.

  3. No dear lady, you are quite sane! That nutjob is the one that has totally lost it! I saw the interview with him on Nightline the other night and felt like screaming at the TV! I think this “minister” is out for nothing more than publicity for himself and the 30 other Wacko’s that attend his Church!

    • Yes, he certainly has received his publicity and now has the lives of many innocent people on his soul. If there is a heaven, he surely will not be invited in.

  4. This strikes horror and fear into my heart. I’m not a religious person, but I’ve been moved and amazed by the genuine daily (5x a day, in fact) devotion to worship, kindness, generosity, and care for humanity that I’ve seen from my new vantage of living next door to a mosque. This guy is everything that turned me off of religion in the first place; thank heavens this community of Muslims are restoring some of my faith in faith.

    • It sounds as though your neighbors are living a more Christian-like life than this man who claims to be a Christian. I have also been amazed that leaders of the Muslim community tried to talk reasonably to this guy. I don’t know that I could be civil to him.

      • No, I would say her neighbors are living a Muslim-like life. 🙂

      • Of course, you are right. That is the entire point of it all. But for someone who claime Christianity as his religion-and a supposed leader in that faith-her neighbors are closer to his religion’s teachings than he is.

  5. it amazes me that people are so insane. What he doesn’t realize is that he is causing tensions between so many! If everyone in the country tells you it’s a bad idea…probably is. Sure it is his right, but that doesn’t make it okay!

    • You know, I think he does know exactly what this is doing, and he is enjoying every sick moment of it all. I hope you will visit here again.

  6. I think that insanity is often the better vote anyway. This kind of stuff kills me – what the hell happened to ‘love thy neighbor’, peace and tolerance? Sometimes I consider starting my own species so that I don’t have to claim the same species as some of these yahoo’s.

    • Please let me join your species. I am truly sick of this one. Thanks for visiting!

  7. It is wrong and the opposite of what I believe Jesus was about.

    • Yes, exactly.

  8. I hope nobody was negatively affected by his harassment. I read that the quran is almost identical to the bible. Most people dont know that.

    • There is still so much craziness out there. There is harrassment all of the time….but this guy’s 15 minutes of fame has passed, I hope.

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