Posted by: chlost | September 18, 2010

A few little things

My husband and I always seem to disagree about the temperature of the house. When we were younger, he was almost always hot and I was always cold. We were never in sync, and teased each other about the way our bodies handled the temperatures.

Most recently, however, the situation has reversed. He is almost always cold. I am nearly always hot. But, I am also a bit more flexible than he is in handling the heat or cold. If I do get hot, I try to cool off with a cold drink. He always votes to turn on the air conditioning. 

Now that it is getting colder. we have a good-natured argument about when the furnace should be turned on. My frugal side says it should never be turned on until at least October 1st, no matter the temperatures. He disagrees.

Over the past few nights, the temperature has gone into the high 40’s F. So, I have finally given in and the furnace was turned one a couple of nights ago.  I suppose that is really the first sign of the winter to come-the smell that goes along with the first time the furnace is turned on for the season. A smell of burning dust is how I’d explain it-at least in my rather dusty house. Today, though, the sun is shining and the windows are able to be open for fresh air. It is lovely.

I talked to my 3 year-old granddaughter on the telephone the other day. She has started to call me just to chat every few days. I love it. She told me about how she burned her hand on the iron when she and her mom were making leaf pictures with waxed paper. Even though her mom told her it was very hot and she should not touch it, she had to find out for herself, of course. It was a very hard lesson to learn. I feel so bad for her. It was not a serious burn, but enough for a cold pack and many tears.  But I imagine that she will now stay away if told that something is hot.

My husband and his crazy brother are VERY slowly going through the things in their aunt’s house. His brother will not let my husband go through things by himself and insists on taking photos of every single item.  They have found some wonderful treasures, though. Some coins that they found are quite rare, and apparently are fairly valuable. These include a VDB penny, civil war era gold and silver coins, paper money and even foreign coins from the early 19th century. Now we must find a reputable coin dealer for appraisals.  There have been some items that have value only to the family, too. Many pictures, and notes, newspaper clippings, WWII medals, and awards. When the ancestors were packrats, there tends to be much junk, but with treasures interspersed. It is quite a job to filter through all of it.

I am looking forward to this evening. We are going out to dinner with friends, to a place we have not been to before. This is unusual for us. My husband is a man of routine, and he finds it difficult to try new places.  He is trying very hard to be flexible, and actually seems to be looking forward to trying a new place. It will be nice to be with relatively new friends. My brother is also going to join us.

We are ramping up the election work. Things here are heating up. I just want it to be over. Can we fast forward to November 3, please?



  1. I’ve always cold except when I went through that hot flash thing.

    Sounds like auntie had a treasure trove!!!

    • Unfortunately, she never enjoyed the treasures and lived a rather sad life buried in the house under tons of stuff.

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