Posted by: chlost | September 19, 2010

Now I understand

My husband, brother and I went out to dinner with friends last night. We are having a fundraiser at this restaurant in a couple of weeks, and the friends wanted us to see the place. One of them is on same political board that we are, and this board is sponsoring the fundraiser.

It is a relatively small place out in the middle of nowhere. Sort of a roadhouse bar and restaurant. I never would have stopped in had I been out for a drive.

Apparently, however, this place has hosted many big bands, including the Blues Brothers, and several other national acts. They have areas for camping and have had thousands of people there to see the concerts. The owner is quite a character-nice guy who knows a lot of people. I can’t remember exactly the story I was told, but somehow Billboard magazine is attached with all of this.

Last night the place was packed. Cars were parked up and down the country road as we got there. The bar hosts volleyball games throughout the summer, and this was the final championship night for the league. We found a table, but it was quite crowded when the teams came inside after the games.

Most of the players were on the young side, in their 20’s or 30’s, I’d guess. Some were maybe in their 40’s. For the most part, there were younger women and the men seemed older.

I felt as though I was watching an episode of “Girls gone bad”. I have only seem promos for that show, but this looked eerily the same.

Young nice-looking women who had been drinking way too much alcohol for their own good. One young woman came to our table and began talking to one of our friends about something to do with a gingerbread man. He is black. He didn’t know her and couldn’t make out most of what she was talking about. There was a very long award ceremony, which included awards for the best underwear, men and women’s.  People went to the emcee, and dropped their pants. One of the men flashed his butt. There were drinking contests and a “who is gayest” contest. As our friends commented to us “Do they realize that one out of ten of them is likely gay?”

Our friends are a gay couple.

To put it mildly, the patrons of the bar were not at their best. It made me wonder what they do for their day jobs. Are these secretaries, insurance salespeople, realtors, maybe professionals? Do they have children, are they married? Is this the only fun that they have?

This is small town midwestern America. This is what they were doing on a Saturday night-after a full day of playing volleyball.

The bar owner commented to us, as well as to the players, that they were a good example for the world. They apparently come from all walks of life, have no official referees and handle any issues based on honesty. He commented that they had become a family, accepting of everyone.

If this is the best of America, I now understand why we  are in trouble.



  1. Here’ s a good reason why I don’t get out much (well, the ridiculous people and the fact that good babysitters get expensive and hard to find).

    Before my husband and I had kids, we went on a Caribbean cruise. We went on a snorkeling excursion and I’m telling you, the rude, obnoxious drunk Americans on that boat embarassed me so bad, I wanted to say I was from Canada or something. This was back in early 2001 and I realized that this could explain why people in Mexico disliked Americans.

    • When we were in Europe and the world hatred of Bush was at its highest, we were prepared to claim Canada as our home-my son even had a Canadian flag patch with him to add credence to our claim. How sad.

  2. It is almost as though we, as Americans, are coasting on our reputation of when we “were” a great county and held a leadership position in the world. We have gotten fat and sloppy and lost our way… but we haven’t noticed, we are too busy shouting “We’re Number One” to stop and see that we are number one in teen pregnancies, percent of our population in prison, top of the list of developed countries who believe in creationism, highest in the world of bankruptcies due to medical bills.. the list goes on.

    No, we are too busy dropping our pants at bars to see that the rest of the world is starting to pass us by.

    • Exactly! I had hoped the 2008 election would help, but the need for instant gratification seems to have precluded our ability to work on the issues and now the country seems poised to return to the dark(er) age. I truly feel ready to move away from it all before all is lost.

  3. Oh, I love going out but I hate the crazy drunks!

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