Posted by: chlost | October 1, 2010

30 days and counting……..

This is the one month to go mark.  The mid-term elections cannot happen too soon for me.  Let’s just get it over with, for God’s sake. The pontificating and prognosticating, mostly from people who have no idea what the voters will actually do, is getting quite tiresome.  I just hope that it doesn’t keep the voters at home. At least not the Democratic supporters! I imagine there is probably data available somewhere, but I wonder who tends to come out to vote in the rain, cold, or snow? I have a feeling that the weather may impact the election results.  We’ll check back in 32 days on that, okay?

My weekend is going to be busy.  The campaign mode is full force. Tomorrow I am working at a doorknock/phonebank blitz for the democratic candidates in this district. This includes my candidate for state senate, but also several others, including the anti-bachmann overdrive—-Tarryl Clark campaign.It is hard to beat a candidate who has raised 7 million dollars to keep this congressional seat, but we won’t lose without trying.

We are babysitting the grandgirls tomorrow night through Tuesday while my son and daughter-in-law spend some much needed time alone together. I hope that they enjoy it, because once the kids outnumber the adults in the family, it gets very hard to get any time alone together-or just alone separately. We are planning a fun time together with the girls.

On Sunday there is a fundraiser for the local unit board. It is a family event, so the girls will be able to come with us. It will be a challenge to keep track of them, though. I am a  bit out of practice running after kids in public! They will have fun. I will be exhausted.

When I asked the oldest what she wanted to do, she remembered that her “playtent” is here. She hasn’t seen it for months. But that is one of the things she really wants……I feel vindicated that she likes it. Her mom doesn’t for some reason. I think that there may be cookie baking and face painting in my future—-

Mondays look so much better with face paint, don’t you think?



  1. I feel your pain about the election. I’m working hard because the idiot (GOP) running against my guy is evil. I’ll be glad when all this is over, too.

    What a great granny you are!!! I wish my grands weren’t so far away.

  2. We have the grand kids over for the weekend. Nancy is teaching her grand son how to cook (he’s such a fussy eater, she’s thinking that if he helps cook it might actually eat it).

    In a few minutes I will go upstairs and help teach Lydia how to play “battling Barbies”. They are such fun.

    • Who won the battle? Does cooking help allay fussy eating? These are profound questions-really, I need to know as these grandkids of mine get older.

  3. Patui! Patewwwi! Pattttuuuiiwwwweee! You typed Bachmann. Ick.

    So, um, if my kids had grandparents who took them for the weekend, I’d be glad with ANY diversion provided. Can’t imagine not liking a grandparent idea!

    • Hmmmm-so did you……Ptuie back at ya. Hope you can let the election stuff go.

  4. I know how little grandchildren can get you tired. We spent one week a few months ago taking care of our two grandsons in Baltimore. We were in a hotel with them, no car, while their parents were attending a conference. We were exhausted for sure, but it was fun being with them. I read your last two posts. I asked my husband what would be a nice anniversary present – he said to be with me for a couple of days, somewhere like renting a cabin in a park, then walking in the woods. Or going somewhere for a couple of days, not far, like in the North Georgia mountains and watch nature, something like that. You may have already decided what to do for your anniversary and your weather may not be good to go in a cabin by a lake. We always like trips as presents. For his birthday we went to West Palm Beach and for mine to San Antonio, TX. But sometimes we only go several miles away and that is nice too. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person.

  5. Always.

  6. Just had my morning turned upside down by Biden’s visit. Along with a whole lot of other people. The world these politicians live in is so removed from mine. I wish they could all just shut up and go away!

    I suppose I have to go vote for some of them when the time comes though. What a pity.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful time with the grandchildren and are not too tired. Over here there is currently a trend towards teaching children to grow their own, pick their own and then cook their own. It seems to work wonders with fussy eaters if they can do it from scratch!! One little boy I heard of was actually frightened of vegetables: after looking after and caring for some he felt so differently about the whole thing.

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