Posted by: chlost | October 9, 2010

Would 70 have been different?

Today, John Lennon would have turned 70 years old. He would, by most standards, have been a senior citizen.

It is hard to picture him as old. All of the music he wrote, sang, and was involved with was the music of a young man. Music about love, a better world, drugs and peace. Idealistic stuff.

I’m going to admit right here that I am not very knowledgeable about music. Never took a music appreciation class. I am not someone who recognizes an artist and the name of the song when I hear a few bars of music. I appreciate music. I love listening to music. I have an eclectic taste-Rufus Wainwright. Mozart. John Denver. James Taylor. Joshua Bell. I know what I like. I often have a song in my head and can’t get it out.

But I do know that the music of my youth was rebellious. And John Lennon was a leader of the rebellion. “Imagine”. The song that first made me wonder about the existence of God.

I would like to think that at 70, John Lennon would still be a rebel, he would be making us question our world.  There is even more to question today than there was in the 70’s.

Happy Birthday, John.  The world could use some of your music today.



  1. What a tragedy that he’s gone.

    • It is, but sometimes I wonder if he is the kind of person that is best remembered as forever young.

  2. I loved the Beatles and thought John Lennon wrote some wonderful songs, but I can’t say I was very fond of him and the way he let Yoko Ono take over his life and help break up the Beatles. I, too, wish he had lived on to write his songs.

    • I have never liked Yoko. When you see her in the videos, she looks so stupid. But I guess she was just sly.

  3. I think he was a genius and I truly believe his legacy will live on!

    • His songs are certainly amazing. Even my kids like the Beatles…another generation.

  4. I was just in high school when he died, never was a Beatles fan. But, I do like Imagine.

    • I was a little young for the Beatles and never really appreciated them until much later in their careers. Now I like most of their music.

  5. The Beatles were already having trouble – you really can’t pin it on Yoko. And it was his choice, anyway. If she inspired him to politicize his songwriting, what’s wrong with that? He was writing some good stuff just before he was murdered, like “Starting Over.” I think he still would be.

    • I think his stuff was very good. And, I think he would still be commenting on the world if he were still alive. We could use it.

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