Posted by: chlost | October 13, 2010

Mining Privacy

The Chilean miners are being rescued.

I know this only because I saw it on my home page when I signed onto the computer today. I haven’t watched any of it. It just doesn’t feel right.

The picture on the home page showed a woman waiting for her loved one to be raised to the surface. The emotion is raw. Her face shows excitement, worry, pain and anticipation.

I would feel as though I was invading their privacy were I to watch their reunion. It seems to me as though after two months of separation, lives in limbo, and the threat of death and loss at the forefront of their lives, we should be granting these people the honor of being able to reunite in private.

What more could they do but cry, hug, cheer, raise fists in triumph?  Blink at the sunlight? Drop to their knees and kiss the ground? Scream with joy?

Or, are we waiting to see if the rescue attempt fails? Does the media really hope to be able to cover the little capsule being stuck in the shaft? To see the pain that might bring?  I think there’s a part of that in all of the coverage.

I can picture the interviews……”What does it feel like to come to the top of the rescue shaft, sir?”  “What did it feel like to be stuck below ground for 2 months, sir?”  “What did it feel like to not know if you would live or die?”   The response should be…..”WHAT THE F##K  DO YOU THINK IT FELT LIKE?”  (but in Spanish). 

Does the entire world really need to witness this? Is it truly any of our business? If it were me, I would not want anyone else to watch. I might be willing to share some of it after a readjustment time, a few hours of quiet family time, or maybe never.

But I think that they should be able to choose.

I will not be watching any of the coverage.

Tell me when it’s over and all of them are safe.



  1. I think it has captured a world that is eager to see some positive, uplifting news.. where the end came out well. I think the miners will have their private moments with their families. I am glad it all came out well.

  2. I seldom watch TV news so didn’t see any of the footage. I did see a couple pics on Yahoo, however so know they all made it out, thank goodness.

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