Posted by: chlost | November 5, 2010

Just a little behind

It seems as though I have been gone a lot. I am still catching up with things that have been happening.  I missed a few things.

We moved my mom over the past weekend. I have been trying to get her settled in and have been simultaneously trying to get caught up with work and household tasks. Still not to the finish line with those.

In the last day or so, I have been trying to catch up on blog posts for my favorite sites.  I am now only about 3 days behind.  The bloggers I know seem to write a lot, quite frequently.  Now, that is usually why I enjoy reading those sites.  But it does make it a bit harder if you miss a few days. While I am reading the posts from October 30, there are three more entries being posted. 

Eventually, I will get to the current day’s posts.  In the meantime, any comments that I make may not match up with the current issues being discussed. We all seem quite eclectic in our blog subject matters.

Also, even though I voted, it seems so long ago now. I guess that there was an election. It did not turn out well for those folks I supported. In fact, it was downright depressing.  I have decided to just not watch any television or listen to any NPR news reports, or read any blogs about politics for at least 3 weeks. It should all settle down by then.  I don’t even want to hear about it. I am tired of being angry. And angry I get whenever I hear those nutcases babble on about “the people’s” will.

Oh, and before I forget-I will say this now and then will speak of it no more.

I am so sorry that my district voted to keep Michele Bachmann in office. We tried to get her out, truly we did. When I saw her on television on election night, she was waiting for the reporter to get the word that they were rolling the camera. As soon as the light went on, she flashed a cheesy grin and turned to be sure her profile was placed in the camera’s frame just so. She is disgusting. She is a stupid pretty face being manipulated by some pretty ugly puppet masters. I heard tonight that she may receive some relatively powerful committee assignments.

Again, I apologize. 

I’m now going to just shove my fingers in my ears and hum a little tune……”I’m a little teapot, short and stout……….”



  1. I was gone a few days as well and didn’t realize how much catching up I had to do. It’s tough, the bloggers who write entries every day. Often I just have to skip them. I feel like I am missing something but it’s just too much to read many bloggers who blog daily. I try to do two a week, like every 4 days. I don’t want to create an excessive work load for my readers *smiles*.

    • Your two a week are so full of interesting things, that they are great to read. When I try too hard to be able to write more often, it seems I just ramble. The blogging/reading blogs is “work” that I enjoy, so never worry about loading me up with more to read!

  2. I’m sorry you’re still stuck with Michele Bachmann, too. Did you see her election night, when Chris Matthews asked her three times if she was still going to try to investigate the Democrats? She gave the same answer three times, but they weren’t the answers to his questions. This prompted him to ask her if she had been hypnotized. Cracked me up, and she didn’t even react.

    • I can’t watch her. She makes me sick to my stomach.

  3. My favorite song to sing when trying to block out the world is “We all live in a yellow submarine.”

    • I’ll keep that song as an alternative. I think I will be singing to myself a lot.

  4. Seems like when I am away form the computer for even just a few days I get almost hopelessly behind. But then, somehow, it all works out okay. Life first, you know?

    I’m trying not to think about the elections. I was so disappointed in my state, but unsurprised.

    • I think I am almost back on track with things for a while.

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