Posted by: chlost | November 7, 2010

Taking in a movie, all the time

This afternoon, I saw the movie “Red“. I rarely see movies in the theater. My mom loves to go to the movies. So, I guess that I will be seeing more movies now.

My oldest son decided to join us. We were originally going to see the Valerie Plame movie, but it must be in limited release, as we it wasn’t showing on any of the sixteen (!) screens at the theater located halfway between us.

My son and I were on the phone trying to find an alternative movie. The new crop of Oscar contenders have begun to be released. I had heard that this would be a big weekend for new movies. I was looking forward to seeing something fresh.  Why then, with three generations going to the movies together, did we have such a hard time finding a movie that any of the three of us were especially interested in seeing?  I’m not talking about trying to find a movie that all three of us would enjoy. I am talking about one movie that ANY of the three of us would be excited to see. Nada, zilch, zero.

We compromised on Red as a movie that seemed to be innocuous without being insulting.  It had stars-Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Bruce Willis, and Richard Dreyfus.  It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. It was actually pretty silly. It’s based on a comic book character, so that is to be expected. Not a horrible way to spend an afternoon.

We had an extra hour this morning with the time change.  I was able to get our poor little dog corralled long enough to give him a bath. I feel as though I made good use of the hour.  He is a miniature Schnauzer, pretty good-natured and well-behaved. But he hates getting a bath. I hate putting him through it. But the deed was done. I was soaked, he looked like a drowned rat, and went running around the house drying himself by rolling on the floor, rubbing his fur dry on the carpet.  He did allow me to use the hair dryer for just a few minutes. He looks all fluffy and cute now. And he is hardly speaking to me. He will continue to pout until bedtime, when he will give in and snuggle up. At least until I kick him off the bed.  He is so predictable!

 The time change overall usually takes me several days to master. First, I have to be sure I know what time it really is. Each clock is different. My husband may have changed it, or he may not have. Then I have to decide if I should change it or not. If I change it and he already has done so, I will be confused for days.

I am not sure when we got so many clocks in our house. The bedside alarm clock is over 30 years old. It is still working great. (Well, it was until I wrote that, now it will probably stop before I wake up tomorrow) We also have the clock on the microwave, the stove, the intercom system, the clock on the living room wall, the car clock and various watches.   Thank goodness the computer and cell phone clocks reset themselves automatically for every time change. They become the go-to timepiece for the next several days.  Of course, the big benefit of going off daylight savings time is that if you forget, you are an hour early for things, not an hour late.

But the dog is not sure which clock to use. He’s fluffy and still a bit confused.


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